109 Stunning Beach Themed Bathroom Ideas That Will Blow You Away

If you live in a beach house or decorate your home in a beach style, naturally you will be looking at incorporating a beach themed bathroom idea in your home. The same can be said even in homes without a common theme. I know of families who have decorated their bathrooms in a beach theme just because of their kids or just because they love the beach. 

Whichever your reason is, you are in for a whole load of inspiration as I show you a ton of beach-themed bathroom ideas you can copy right away!

In this post, you will also find links to beautiful coastal decorations to get you started such as coastal wall art, lighthouse clocks, beach chairs, decorative oars, and so much more. 

Let’s read on to make your dream beach bathroom come true! 

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Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Beach Style Master Bathroom

2. La Jolla Beach Style Bathroom

3. Modern Beach Theme Bathroom

4. Coastal Grey Bathroom

5. Blue Waves Master Bathroom

6. Beach Style Bathroom Design

7. Navy Blue Beach Bathroom

8. Beach Themed Bathroom Tiles

9. Beach Bathroom in Miami

10. Beach Bathroom Design

11. Coastal White Tiles Bathroom

12. Grey Walk In Shower Bathroom

13. Coastal Bathroom Idea

14. Oceanfront Beach House Bathroom

15. Mid Sized Coastal Green Tiles Bathroom

16. Beach Themed Remodelled Bathroom

17. Coastal Bathroom Idea In Orange County

18. Large Coastal Bathroom With Green Porcelain Tiles

19. Charming Beach Style Bathroom

20. Modern Coastal Beach Style Bathroom

21. Blue Subway Tiles Bathroom Idea

22. Bright Funky Beach Themed Bathroom

23. Traditional Oceanfront Beach Bathroom

24. Mosaic Tiles Bathroom Shower

25. Classic Beach Style Bathroom

26. Bathroom Design In Salt Lake City

27. Gold Themed Beach Bathroom

28. Marble Tiles Beach Bathroom

29. Casual Coastal Style Bathroom

30. Mid Sized Coastal Bathroom Idea

31. Open Concept Beach Themed Master Bathroom

32. Large Beach Themed Bathroom

33. Coastal Style Bathroom With Earthy Tones

34. Multicolored Walls Bathroom Idea

35. Bathroom With Beach Themed Wallpaper

36. Simple Beach Themed Bathroom With Odd Shaped Mirror

37. Mosaic Floor Tiles Beach Bathroom

38. Beach Bathroom With Orange Cabinets

39. Light Multicolored Tiles Beach Bathroom

40. Soft Blue Beach Bathroom

41. Master Bathroom Coastal Style

42. Marine Colored Theme Bathroom

43. Seaside Cottage Bathroom Design

44. Ocean Inspired Bathroom

45. Navy Blue Theme Beach Bathroom

46. Sea Themed Bathroom Idea

47. Teal Beach Style Bathroom

48. Waterfront Residence Beach Bathroom

49. Marbled Shower Beach Bathroom

50. Beach Bathroom Traditional Style

51. Nautical Themed Bathroom

52. Beautiful Classic Beach Themed Bathroom

53. Light And Airy Coastal Bathroom

54. Unique Tiles Beach Bathroom

55. Tropical Beach Bathroom Style

56. Coastal Louela Blue Bathroom

57. Stunning Mosaic Countertop In Beach Bathroom

58. Light Wood Coastal Bathroom

59. Cozy Nature Infused Beach Bathroom

60. Minimalist Gold Beach Bathroom

61. Medium Tone Beach Bathroom For Him And Her

62. Coastal Green Beach Bathroom

63. Cabo Contemporary Beach Bathroom

64. Black And White Tiles Beach Bathroom

65. Slick Blue Tiles Beach Bathroom

66. Mainstay Master Bathroom Idea

67. Durant Bayshore Bathroom Inspiration

68. Small Beach Bathroom Remodel

69. Luxurious Beach Bathroom Design

70. Glamorous Beach Bathroom Idea

71. Chesapeake Bay Cottage Bathroom

72. Wood Tile Walls Beach Bathroom

73. Rustic Teal Colored Beach Bathroom

74. Chandelier Lighted Beach Bathroom

75. Checkered Walls Beach Bathroom

76. Dark Wood Beach Bathroom

77. Barn Door Coastal Bathroom

78. Beach Style Powder Room

79. Modern Contemporary Coastal Bathroom

80. Large Beach Style Master Bathroom

81. Wooden Countertop Beach Bathroom

82. Bathroom With Beach Themed Blue Shower Curtain

83. Starfish Inspired Island Style Bathroom

84. Tropical Bathroom Idea

85. Bali Island Style Bathroom

86. Modern Tropical Island Beach Bathroom

87. Converted Shower to Walk In Shower Bathroom

88. Beach Spa Bathroom Design

89. Multicolored Stone Walls Beach Bathroom

90. Traditional Style Coastal Bathroom

91. Central Gardens Beach Bathroom

92. Bright And Fun Beach Themed Bathroom

93. Driftwood Framed Mirror Beach Bathroom

94. Sea Inspired Shower Bathroom

95. Surf Inspired Beach Bathroom

96. Vela Vista Beach Style Bathroom

97. Bright Modern Beach Themed Bathroom

98. Unique Beach Inspired Tiles Bathroom

99. Beach Bathroom Countertop Design Idea

100. Classic Modern Beach Bathroom Idea

101. Boathouse Inspired Beach Bathroom

102. Blue Caribbean Style Beach Bathroom

103. Stones Countertop Beach Bathroom

104. Surf Shack Inspired Beach Bathroom

105. Fun Shark Themed Bathroom

106. Trendy Beach Inspired Bathroom

107. Hawaii Inspired Beach Bathroom

108. Modern Tropical Style Bathroom

109. Moroccan Mermaid Beach Bathroom

Best Beach Bathroom Paint Colors

What are some colors that will look great in your beach bathroom? 

You could try out lighter shades of blue, green, and grey that will complement each other nicely and create a soft comforting environment in the bathroom. 

The main idea here is to bring in the sea and the beach in!

Having a lightly colored wall is also a great way to add contrast to beach-themed wall accents and decor. 

Here’s a color palette graphic complete with hex code that you can use when choosing what to paint in your beach bathroom. You can also use it for other rooms in your home.

beach bathroom color palette with hex code

Beach Themed Bathroom Mirrors

Bathrooms are generally smaller when compared to other rooms, which means there is less space to fit in certain furniture or decor that can liven up the place. 

Mirrors are a great way to do that and they can well take centerstage as you walk into your bathroom.

Check out our coastal wall mirrors collection to find the right one. 

Beach Themed Wall Decor And Accents

Although the bathroom is quite a small area, you can still add in a piece or two of decor to add your personality or enhance the theme. 

They are a great way to turn your plain walls into something cool or beautiful to admire while you’re going about your business in the bathroom. 

Check out our collection of coastal wall art and bathroom signs to create the style you want!

Beach Themed Cabinets And Countertops

You can let your creativity step in when deciding the colors for your cabinets and countertops. 

Typically, you would choose a color that can provide a nice contrast against the wall and floor tiles. The pictures in the section above should give you plenty of ideas. 

You can also experiment with different types of countertops instead of choosing just a plain color, such as using marble or incorporating seashells or rocks and stones. Be sure to speak to your contractor about this option!

Beach Themed Shower Curtains

If you do not have a glass shower, you will likely need to install shower curtains to keep the water from splashing all over the bathroom. I think no one likes a wet bathroom, don’t you think?

Since shower curtains occupy a lot of real estate, this is also a great place to show off your creativity and individuality. There are so many designs to choose from, such as mermaids, surfboards, sea animals, and of course the beach. 

Check out our collection of shower curtains to find the perfect match! Alternatively, I highly recommend that you check out Zazzle where you can customize your own shower curtain. How cool is that!

What to read next?

Before you go, make sure that you download your free wall art printables! These high-resolution wall art are ready for print and are a budget friendly way to decorate your home. 

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