Bernhardt Furniture Review: An Unparalleled History

Bernhardt is one of America’s oldest and most respected furniture brands, having been in the business of making beautiful, high-quality pieces for more than 100 years.

They have had many different locations throughout its history, but today they are based in North Carolina.

If you are searching for affordable luxury, this Bernhardt furniture review might just help you make up your mind.

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Who Owns Bernhardt Furniture? 

Bernhardt Furniture was introduced by John Mathias Bernhardt in 1889 in Lenoir, North Carolina. 

The corporate headquarters of the fourth-generation company is also in North Carolina, as its flagship showroom.

Today, six overseas offices employ more than 1500 skilled craftsmen and women that gives Bernhardt an international presence.

How Long Has Bernhardt Furniture Been in the Business? 

Bernhardt Furniture has been in the business since 1889. 

These days the company is led by the CEO and president, Alex Bernhardt Jr. 

What Style is Bernhardt Furniture? 

Bernhardt Furniture is a mainstay in the modern and the neoclassical style, something that has earned it a worldwide legendary status.

All the products manufactured by the company come in great shapes and designs. 

The company has been manufacturing furniture in contemporary and architectural design for more than 70 years.

Their leather and fabric upholstery blends well with the place. 

My husband and I adore Bernhardt Furniture accent chairs the most as they maintained the soothing environment of our living room really well.

I spend most of my time in the living room with my kids, getting things done, looking after them, and spending our recreational time when we are not working.

The sectionals are incredibly sturdy and comfortable and have served us very well for years.

My husband loves the antique look of the bar stool and coffee table that he ordered recently after one of his colleagues recommended him, and they are great for spending a few hours chilling with friends.

You can view their collections here.

What Kind of Furniture Does Bernhardt Make?

Bernhardt Furniture has been making elegant and classy-looking hand-made furniture pieces since 1889.

You can expect nearly all kinds of furnishings for your bedroom, living room, entertainment center, and workplace. 

One can get the following items from a nearby Bernhardt dealer or online through Wayfair (more on this later):

types of furniture that Bernhardt furniture offers


For workspace, one can get square-backed office chairs, wooden office tables, office cabinets for storing files, and drawers for keeping office essentials. 

Living Room 

For the living room, Bernhardt offers fabric sofas, curved sofas, leather benches, fabric bumper ottomans, swivel chairs, accent pillows, cocktail tables, credenza and consoles, bar and counter stools, as well as accent tables. 

Dining Room 

For the dining room, the company offers metallic dining tables, round dining tables, box-shaped dining tables, bar stools, bar cabinets, armchairs, side chairs, entertainment credenza, side tables, and buffets. 


Bedroom items such as upholstered panel beds, shelter beds, English-style drawers, contemporary design drawers, button-tufted beds, nightstands, tall drawer chests, headboards, and mirrors are available. 


Sectionals, swivel fabric chairs, cocktail tables, accent tables, leather benches, and accent pillows are present for making your outdoor look mesmerizing.

Where is Bernhardt Furniture Manufactured? 

Bernhardt currently operates 8 manufacturing facilities in the United States, specifically in North Carolina, and they also have a number of other such facilities internationally.

Is Bernhardt Furniture Good Quality?

You are looking for an honest answer to this question because you are a choosy person and don’t like to regret your choice like me, right?

Well, I got you covered!

So bear with me.

Bernhardt Furniture Material and Design

A few days back, my husband accidentally spilled coffee on the bar stool and nobody realized it until a couple of hours later.

I was so worried about the future of that stool, to say the least.

The good news was, that I got my relief after I cleaned the stained area. The leather is really resistant to such stains and was super easy to wipe off.

I think this one characteristic alone is enough to give them 5 stars.

Not too long ago, we also bought a fabric couch for our rental apartment.

Our tenants have sung its praises so many times, especially about the soft buttery feel you get whenever you touch the fabric, and that got me really pleased as I did not get to test it out personally.

The other day, when visiting the apartment for some minor touch-ups, I finally managed to experience it myself.

I think we have made an excellent decision for ourselves by investing our hard-earned dollars in Bernhardt products.

Moreover, I can’t thank the makers enough for their top-notch leather chairs, which I’ve been using for the last two years.

Bernhardt Furniture Ordering and Delivery Process

The ordering and delivery process was pretty smooth for us, though this experience might be very different for every individual.

That’s because you will have to work with your local dealer which obviously varies from place to place.

For us, we bought our furniture from Wayfair, as we often do, which allows us to shop online and have the items delivered to us fuss-free.

Depending on what you order, delivery will take place within a few days to a few weeks (large, made-to-order items).

Bernhardt Furniture Products Warranty and Customer Service 

All the products made by Bernhardt Furniture come in a great assortment. 

We have been using Bernhardt Furniture’s couch and bar table (and stools) for more than two years, and they are doing well, never creating any major problems for us during this time.

We did face some minor issues with the couch where the stitches looked like they were not done properly

After informing customer care service, we managed to get a replacement sent to us pretty quickly.

That’s another reason why I like to work with Wayfair.

I loved their customer care service.

They answered all my questions patiently and politely and made sure our problem was resolved promptly.

So giving a thumbs up to their customer service!

Bernhardt Furniture Return and Exchange Policy 

The exchange and return policies are different from one retailer to another, so it’s best that you check with the one you’re working with.

In most cases, warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects are covered for up to 3 years, while some retailers might also offer you extended protection for a small fee.

Where to Buy Bernhardt Furniture?

In order to purchase items from Bernhardt furniture, you can check out the list of retailers to whom they sell their products and then contact that retailer for purchasing a product of your liking. 

Alternatively, I highly recommend that you try out Wayfair.

The customer service is great and they offer a wide selection of Bernhardt furniture for you to choose from.

I really hate to encounter any issues when buying such big-ticket items online, but so far my experience with Wayfair has been nothing but positive.

My Top Bernhardt Furniture Recommendations

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How to Contact Bernhardt Furniture? 

For us consumers, it is unlikely we will have to contact Bernhardt directly since their business model is working through dealers. That should be your main point of contact.

However, if you do need to contact Bernhardt, here’s where you can get in touch with their team:

Corporate Address

Bernhardt Furniture Company

1839 Morganton Blvd.

Lenoir, NC 28645

Outlet Address

Bernhardt Furniture Outlet

4916 Hickory Blvd.

Hickory, NC 28601

Residential Dealer & Interior Designer Inquiries

Hospitality Dealer & Designer Inquiries

Contract Dealer & Designer Inquiries

International Inquiries

Bernhardt Furniture Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Bernhardt Make Pottery Barn Furniture?

No, it does not. Pottery Barn is an e-commerce company and home furniture store based in San Francisco, California. Pottery Barn is the subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. 

Is Bernhardt Furniture Non-toxic? 

Yes! The furniture made by Bernhardt Furniture is environmentally friendly. It has been bestowed with awards like AHFA’s environmental excellence.

Is Bernhardt Furniture Solid Wood?

No. Bernhardt Furniture uses manufactured (compressed wood) to make the majority of its items. This material is manufactured by trees collected from the dense woods of Western North Carolina.

In Conclusion: Bernhardt Furniture Review

Bernhardt furniture is built to last, and it is made with care. You can tell this just by looking at the details.

The wood is carefully chosen, and the leathers are carefully selected and put together in traditional methods such as saddle stitching or a jump-master stitch.

If you want a piece of furniture that will last forever and be a great investment, then Bernhardt is the way to go!

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