71+ Best Art Deco Wall Mirrors

Many people view Art Deco as expensive and out of reach, only found in modern grand homes overflowing with opulence.

While that might be true in the roaring 20s, today, it is a different story.

You can easily transform or upgrade your home and make it look more expensive simply with Art Deco wall mirrors.

More than just a functional tool in your home, the Art Deco wall mirror is perfect for you if you are unsure which art piece or wall accent to invest in.

It is highly versatile and stands out on its own, with its metallic finishes and geometric shapes, turning your Great Gatsby dreams into reality.

In this post, let’s dig a little deeper into this unique style and find a mirror that can fit right into your home!

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Best Art Deco Wall Mirrors Collection

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What is Art Deco?

Art Deco came about in France in the early 20th century, amidst a time of boom and growth, quickly spreading across Europe and to the United States.

Also known as style moderne, this style is defined by its lavishness, sleekness, and elegance that translated into wealth and sophistication.

It is easy to identify by its frequent use of man-made materials such as plastics, blended in with natural substances such as metal.

The end result is often referred to as art and is stylized by geometric shapes, symmetry, and simplicity.

Art Deco got its influence from Art Noveau, Bauhaus, and Art Moderne, and can be seen across architecture and art prominently.

One of the most famous Art Deco buildings was the Empire State Building, proudly carrying the flag and long-lasting legacy of Art Deco.

How to style your home with Art Deco wall mirrors?

The mirror is well known and commonly used to create space and bring light into a room.

However, it doesn’t just stop there.

An Art Deco wall mirror can easily replace any wall art with ease and become a conversation piece among your family and friends who come visit.

With bold and geometric lines, the decorative wall mirror can suddenly add a touch of confidence and boldness to your design, while rounder and scalloped frames can exude warmth and softness.

Having one such wall mirror in the living room is perfect as a focal point, while you can explore full length mirrors in the bedroom.

By choosing a frame with non traditional shapes or colors, such as aged metal or stained glass, it creates a nice contrast to the tapestries found in your home such as the curtains.

Round mirrors are a great way to bring attention and centre a small room, which will look great in a bedroom too.

If I decorate a room with a large wall mirror, I make sure to add a small table and an antique piece to complement the mirror to better effect.

Another thing you can consider doing is pairing and matching a few different shapes and sizes to create a mini art gallery or sorts.

Try these tips out:

  • Use 3 different round mirrors (play around with sizes), placed closely
  • Place rectangular wall mirrors at different heights
  • Create your own look with smaller mirrors/tiles to form a mosaic design

Here are a few of my favorite home interior design with Art Deco mirrors:

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Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor

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