Best Choice Products 81lb. Heavy Duty Concrete Umbrella Base Stand w/Wheels Review

Patio umbrellas are great tools to use for outdoor shading as they are portable, lightweight, and easy to set up. The thing is, many of the options available are sold separately from the base stand, so you will need to spend some time hunting one down. Luckily, most patio umbrella manufacturers offer them as an add-on, which makes life easy for you. But there are also times when your existing one might be damaged or you need an upgrade.

How do you find one then? In this post, I review the Best Choice Products 81 lbs heavy duty concrete umbrella base stand and let you know if it is worth an investment.

Read on till the end to find out all about it!

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Overview of the Best Choice Products (BCP) 81 lbs Heavy Duty Concrete Umbrella Base Stand

This patio umbrella base stand from BCP is well designed and can typically support an outdoor umbrella that is up to 12 ft tall if used with a table, or 9 ft when it is used on its own.

It weighs a substantial 81 pounds and is coated with a polyurethane jacket, with solid concrete forming the interior of the base. In my opinion, it was built to be durable and long-lasting, able to withstand rough treatment and the outdoor elements.

This heavy-duty umbrella base can work with most patio umbrellas as it accommodates up to 2 inches of pole diameter.

Thanks to its sleek look, you really wouldn’t mind using it in your home, office, or restaurant.


Details and specifications

Feature Description
Ideal for Market patio umbrellas
Brand Best Choice Products
UPC SKY5070: 842957115051
Shape Square
Color Black
Material of construction Concrete in a polyurethane jacket and a steel holding tube
Fits 1-1/8 to 2-inch poles
Size/dimensions 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 16.5″ (L x W x H)
Overall height 16.5 inches
Weight 81 pounds
Extras Four lockable wheels, collapsible built-in handles
Price $109.99

Best Choice Products 81lb. Heavy Duty Concrete Umbrella Base Stand review

Pros: What I Like

  • Tough polyurethane-coated exterior means that this umbrella base is going to last for many years, even after prolonged usage and being exposed to harsh elements
  • Comes with lockable wheels so that you can push it around very easily and then secure it in place
  • Inclusion of a pair of collapsible handles in the event you wish to move it or if the wheels get damaged for easy carrying
  • Patio umbrellas typically have a pole diameter of between 1.5 inches to 2 inches, making this a perfect fit for most of them
  • Holds up well even in heavy rain or winds (but make sure you use a strong umbrella too. Lots of entry-level patio umbrellas cannot withstand heavy winds)
  • Very easy and fast to set it up

Cons: What Could Be Better

  • Slightly expensive, but definitely not high end price
  • Not easy to move to another location as it is heavy, versus fillable bases that can be lightened by emptying its contents

What do users say about it?

I poked around online to see what buyers are saying about this BCP heavy duty umbrella stand with wheels, and discovered some really useful comments, both good and bad. This should give you a pretty good idea if it is going to be worth buying. I should also point out that this product has pretty good scores over at both Amazon and Walmart, with several hundred reviews.

This is the best base that I have seen for the price and it looks great too! It has two handles to help you manually move it when setting it up. You can tighten the pole holder to fit your size pole by turning a plastic clamp at the top plus it has one turn-key screw on the side for additional support. The wheels were easy to assemble to the base. However, imagine my disappointment after lugging it the spot where I needed it and opening the secure box to discover that the finish was marred by a 6″ long imperfection. Being a perfectionist I am annoyed by it. It’s such a beautiful finish, then I have to look at that. Sometimes you just have to let things go but it sure would be nice to get a $ partial credit refund for keeping it. At 81.6 lbs its not easy to move and the shipper packed it in a smooth box with no handles to grab onto. One corner of the box was damaged and the thin foam packing that they used was crushed but luckily the painted concrete base was undamaged. I didn’t want to deal with returning it, though I should. If I am still bothered by the defect I will reconsider returning it. I really like this base but the manufacturer should take better care with quality control, pack it more securely, and consider box manageability options to help the poor handlers/delivery people get me my package in good condition.

I bought two of these premium stands for our rental property, looking for a perfect solution. 1) able to move easily, 2) easy to lock the wheels when not moving. The stand moves, but not easily. Kind of like a heavy, stubborn shopping cart that sort of goes the direction you are pushing. To lock the wheels you need to get on your knees and lock each one individually – a hassle that no one will do, and it won’t be intuitive for our guests. Also, since the wheels are not inset and don’t retract, the stand is raised a couple of inches off the ground which looks a bit odd. These issues weren’t bad enough for me to return them, but I continue my search for the “perfect stand.”

Did a lot of research and despite some hesitation re: delivery of a 100% pristine product (since the dang thing weighs a TON!), it did arrive in one, perfect piece. YES, you need your handy-dandy hand truck or dolly to transport the box (very well packaged, but .. you know .. it DOES weigh 80+ pounds!) from delivery site to your patio or deck. Yes, you need to screw in the wheels. Literally took me 3 minutes. Be aware that the wheels each came with a lugnut that is not pictured in the directions. Ignore the discrepancy and attach as is. Yes, though the umbrella pole is plastic, it appears to be sturdy with 2 ‘sleeve shrinkers’ included; one of which was perfect for our needs. I docked a star since, for now anyway, two of the wheels don’t have their lock extensions rolled around to the outside of the platform. IMPORTANT: After fastening the wheels (NO TOOLS NEEDED!) and before popping it back on its bottom, try to ensure your wheels have those locking devices facing the OUTside edges of the umbrella base. Directions don’t suggest this, but in hindsight I should have done it since you’ll need two people to fix this. But the wheels are constructed to both roll and twist around on cool little casters, so you would think it would be easy to fine tune. Just got it yesterday though; will update if really an issue. So far, very happy!

It arrived with a crack on the side and a chip on the bottom. But its probably to much trouble to ship back and i really needed it. So I decided to keep it as is. I do wish the pole for the umbrella was metal not plastic. But it is sturdy and holds the umbrella well..
It is super heavy so the wheels are absolutely a life saver. Can’t imagine trying to move this thing with out the wheels.

Beautiful and heavy but it did fall over in the 59 MPH winds we just had. I still feel it is a great stand and I like that I can move it a bit without breaking my back because of the wheels.

If the main post was not wobbly I would have kept this. Best looking stand except mine wobbled. Wish it wasn’t defective because it looked great and it was easy to roll around.

How to choose a patio umbrella base?

The base of a patio umbrella is really important especially when you do not use a table to support it. Figuring out the right size will ensure that your umbrella does not take flight or buckle during bad weather.

Here are my recommendations for choosing the right one:

  • 20 lb. Base – Used for table umbrellas or smaller
  • 30 lb Base – Used for 6.5′ table umbrellas or smaller
  • 40 lb Base – Minimum weight for freestanding umbrellas up to 4.5′. It can be used for table umbrellas up to 7.5′.
  • 50 lb Base – Accommodates up to 7.5′ free-standing outdoor umbrellas. It can also be used for table umbrellas up to 9′.
  • 70+ lb Base – These bases can be used for most free-standing umbrellas up to 11′. If you live in areas that experience high winds, you should consider a commercial cantilever outdoor umbrella.

In Conclusion

I think that this patio umbrella base stand is a very good investment despite a few hitches here and there. The price is slightly expensive, but certainly not near premium bases which can go up to $400 and above.

The quality is good and sturdy thanks to the concrete and polyurethane jacket, and it looks good to boot! Doesn’t look out of place among your outdoor furniture or stick out like a sore thumb wherever you are placing it.

My main consideration would be whether I intend to move it around often. It is a really heavy weight after all, and I don’t expect the caster wheels to fully corporate over a long period of time.

If you think you will be moving it around, I would suggest sticking to bases to that can be refilled or emptied.


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