140+ Best Large Wall Clocks

Clocks are practical items that we use to tell time each day but they can also be decorative pieces to beautify our homes. In place of wall accents, large wall clocks can be a focal point of your feature wall, complement your fireplace, or simply be a standalone wall decor.

They can also be found commonly to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, or even in offices where the blanks walls often need a bit of jazzing up.

In this post, you will be able to shop for large wall clocks that come in various shapes and designs, so whether you are looking for farmhouse clocks, coastal-style wall clocks, or something else, you can certainly find them here. You will also find regular shapes such as round or square clocks as well as something different such as sunburst clocks.

At the end, you can read about some decorating tips about large clocks too.

As a general guide, we have categorized clocks that are wide than 24 inches in diameter as oversized wall clocks.

Find your statement piece down below!

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Best Large Wall Clocks

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How to decorate around a large wall clock?

When you are trying to decorate with a large wall clock, you will need to consider how it fits into the overall scheme of things, and more specifically, how it blends with the items near where the clock is placed.

You can use a large wall clock in many parts of the house and the main ones are the living room, dining room, and bedroom. These areas tend to be bigger in space and have a few empty walls where you can impose your creativity.

One method of decorating a large clock is to have a gallery of clocks. The large clock is surrounded by a few smaller ones such that it becomes like a collage, and you will see this trend more as it gets popular.

Secondly, whatever wall decor you use to beautify your walls, be sure to keep them balanced. With a large wall clock in the middle as the focus, you do not want to have one side having much more items than the other and create an imbalance in the visual effect.

I would also advise you to adopt a color scheme that is complimentary. The 3 traditional ones are yellow-purple, orange-blue, and red-green. This is merely a starting point for you to mix different colors together, and you can find out more here.

Thirdly, you can pair your clock with decals that represent quotes you love. I really love those that revolve around family love, which is an additional tool I can use to educate my kids!

Ideas for decorating with a large wall clock

Here’s a bunch of lovely ideas you can use to draw some inspiration for your next wall makeover!

How do you hang a clock without nails?

I’ll be upfront. Hanging a heavy clock without nails is pretty tough, and the heavier your clock is, the more impossible non-nail solutions will work.

Most people who are searching for nail-free solutions do so because they do not wish to damage their walls, fearing that they will leave an irreparable hole or something difficult to patch up. Below, I will be showing you some ways that will not cause any damage or minimal damage.

Depending on the type of wall you have, here are some ways you can use to hang a large clock without nails:

Before you start hunting down these items, be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Each of them has a recommended weight limit and application type, which means you cannot simply use one on every kind of surface.

You can check out this post that provides tips about hanging wall decor with command strips.

If you really do not wish to use any screws, consider positioning your clock on top of your fireplace, cabinet, or try using an artist easel. Imagine how good it will look on this:

How high should you hang a large wall clock?

Similar to other types of wall decor, you want to place hang your clocks at a height that is comfortable for our eyes to read.

The average eye level is roughly 57 inches, so use that as a guideline.

That said, you need to factor in what items are around the clock.

For example, if you are placing a clock above a console, you would want to give a few inches of space above the tallest piece on the console.

Above sofas and headboards, I recommend allowing for 10 inches of space to the bottom of the clock.

The best tip I can give is to hang one at a height that makes for easy viewing.

What’s next after Large Wall Clocks?

Now that you have figured out which oversized clock works for you, why not discover more in our other collections such as Farmhouse Clocks, Coastal Beach Clocks, or the Best Rope Clocks!

Alternatively, consider reading more about how to choose the perfect wall clock for your home!

Happy shopping!

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