60+ Best Nautical Desk Clocks

Would you like to add a nice accent to your working desk or study table? A nautical desk clock would do the trick nicely, where you can find many different designs that are unique and charming. Bring the ocean right onto your desk and think about the time you were sailing in the seas. It certainly stirs up my imagination.

In a nautical or coastal theme home, a nautical desk clock can be the perfect addition to complement the layout and design, while not being obtrusive. You choose to use them not only on the desk, but also on any counter, mantle, or shelf. Just like modern wall clocks, they have a certain old school charm to them.

Read on as we show you our favorite nautical desk clocks collection and talk a bit more about the popular styles that are rocking homes!

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Best Nautical Desk Clocks Collection

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What are the popular types of nautical desk clocks?

When we talk about the nautical, what comes to your mind? For me, it would be maritime, the big blue ocean, the beach, ropes, boats and yachts, big ships, portholes. cabins, anchors, brass, driftwood, and so much more. Maybe even Atlantis?

These accents will form the background of any nautical homes, where they are decked out in bold blue and white stripes, and infusing lots of red, white, and blue in different tones.

The Classic Nautical Desk Clock

Clean lines and encased in a polished brass layer, the classic nautical style desk clock sits on many homes across the world thanks to its simplicity and elegance. You will mostly find these with Roman numerals and accented with blue hands or dials.

Maritime Desk Clocks

Similar to the classic, this style of desk clocks serves to inspire boat captains. They are frequently created to look just like the dials and controls of a yacht or ship, reminding one of his sea-faring days.

Some of these clocks will have country flags as hour marks, representing the global nature of sailing.

Rope Desk Clocks

The rope desk clock brings you back to a time when things were simpler. Burlap or fiber ropes are used to make the frame of this clock, and the dials are mostly made of big clear numbers.

Check out more of our Nautical Rope Clocks too.

Anchor Desk Clocks

A distinctive and bold look can be created with the use of an anchor desk clock. It stands out and carries across the nautical theme brilliantly. You will often find them paired with hanging chains to make it more realistic, and nautical blue is often the top choice for colors. Check out more of our Anchor Clocks too.

Compass Desk Clocks

One of my personal favorites, you can still find lots of vintage compass desk clocks around these days if you are willing to search. It certainly inspires one of travel, with a compass in hand and being an adventurer. I love that this type of clock can fit in well even with contemporary homes.

Sailboat Desk Clocks

Any nautical enthusiast will covet having a sailboat model in their homes and indeed, most of them are more than likely to have one. While that will display nicely in the living room, a sailboat desk clock can still bring out the mood for any sea-loving person. Many of these clocks may look simple at first glance, but they do have intricate designs when you look closely. The trick is to be picky and find the right one!

What’s next after Nautical Desk Clocks?

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