200+ Best Pendulum Wall Clocks

I remember visiting my grandparent’s place when I was a kid, and I was always fascinated by the back and forth swinging of the large clock standing in the corner. Little did I know that it was a pendulum wall clock. Some of us kids always called it the grandfather’s clock as it seems so old!Now that I am an adult, I find myself having a deeper appreciation for these clocks, and the fact is that there are so many different designs to them too. The workmanship is also on a different level to regular clocks, something that I love very much. Plus, how can you forget they are chiming wall clocks too! If you are searching for unique and traditional decor for your home, consider getting a pendulum clock for this purpose. It brings about a stately mood and is great for being a centerpiece of any room.In this post, you can shop for the 10 best pendulum clocks in the market or browse our entire collection.Here’s what we will be covering:

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10 Best Pendulum Wall Clocks

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Best Pendulum Wall Clocks Collection

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What are pendulum clocks? How does the pendulum wall clock work?

Have you seen one of those clocks that has an arm swinging below it? That is most likely a pendulum clock! Pendulum clocks are basically clocks that operate based on a pendulum (also known as swinging weight) for timekeeping purposes.It was invented back in 1656 (!) and was the top choice of timekeeping until as recently as the 1930s. How amazing! As the pendulum swings in a precise time interval, unaffected by other factors, they kept time very accurately.However, due to their high price, they were mostly owned by companies or the rich as a symbol status. These days though, they are more accessible and are kept by collectors and homeowners alike.

Pendulum clock types and styles

Although I did mention that pendulum clocks are typically traditional in style, modern times have caused them to evolve as well. These days, there are many new iterations of pendulum clocks, such as Scandinavian, contemporary, animal designs, rustic farmhouse, and colorful designs too. I suppose that is good for the masses as the choices have now expanded greatly to suit all kinds of tastes. That also means they now suit all levels of budgets since the traditional ones tend to be higher priced.While you browse through the collection of pendulum clocks, here are some styles that you will likely come across:

  • Act of Parliament
  • Anniversary
  • Banjo
  • Bracket
  • Cuckoo
  • Grandfather
  • Lantern
  • Mantel
  • Vienna regulators

They are mostly hung on walls, but there are certain models that work as desk pendulum clocks too.

How to wind a pendulum clock?

Lots of pendulum clocks these days run on batteries, which keeps the pendulum swinging on time. If however, you get yourself a mechanical one, you will want to know how to wind it so that it keeps time accurately. Similar to a mechanical watch, you will need to reset the spring-loaded mechanism within the clock itself to ensure it runs smoothly.Different clocks will have different methods, but in general, here’s how you do it: 

  • Find out where the winding point of the clock is (most often up to 3 points)
  • Insert the winding key supplied by the manufacturer and turn clockwise (this is dependant on the model; some turns counterclockwise. Test it out)
  • Turn the key to the point where it cannot turn anymore. Some clocks have a weight below the pendulum. In such a case, turn the key till where the weight reaches the underside of the wooden board
  • Do the same for each winding point
  • Do this every 7 days

Some clocks are simpler to operate, and you can wind them simply by turning a nut under the pendulum. Always check your manufacturer’s instruction booklet to be sure!

What’s next after pendulum wall clocks?

Hopefully, you have managed to find one that suits your liking the best. They are really fascinating and a marvel even through modern times. A great reminder of the past and a figure of elegance and class for every home.

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