30+ Best Rope Clocks

Most commonly, rope clocks are seen around houses that have a nautical or beach theme, where the natural material of the rope blends in well with the other furniture. It is also rather common to find them in rustic wall decor, so you might say that this kind of wall clock is pretty versatile.

This humble design is very simple, yet it can really bring out the style that you are trying to create. The trouble is, it is not so readily available in home decor shops as they are kind of niche, but thanks to technology, it is now very easy to get your hands on one through the internet.

In this post, you will find lots of different designs and iterations of the best rope clocks where you can hang on your walls or simply place them on your desk. I’m sure you can find something you like so browse on!

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Why you should get a rope clock?

Although it is most commonly found in nautical themed or coastal themed homes, the rope clock has gained lots of popularity over the years and has found its way into many other types of homes too. Think rustic, shabby chic, or even modern homes, where they provide a nice bit of accent.

I like that they are versatile and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Nautical home decor

Want to feel like you are living near the beach? Adding elements that represent the beach is one of the best ways to do so.

When trying to do so, you can incorporate items that include ships, anchors, portholes, sand, sea animals, and so much more.

Here are some features that you might want to consider if you wish to add a touch of carefree to your home:

  • Natural wood furniture
  • White base with navy blue accents
  • Shiplap walls
  • Stripes
  • Driftwood decorative pieces
  • Rope
  • Lanterns for lighting
  • Hammocks!

Although ropes are typically of a muted color, the way they are made and the binding of the ropes make for a unique design. Hang it up on a plain wall and you can instantly see it transform and take on a different life.

For some, using materials such as seashells or tortoises seems overkill, so the rope clock is the perfect balance for achieving a coastal nautical feel in your home.

DIY Rope Clock

I have seen some really cool creations on Instagram and that got me inspired. While I have not made my own DIY rope clock, I do believe that it is entirely possible to do so yourself.

The difficulty will lie in sourcing for the right materials for your project, but of course, you can always search online for inspiration.

This jute rope looks pretty good in my opinion.

What’s next after Rope Clocks?

We love wall decor, and there are several articles on this blog that you can explore.

Consider checking out other clocks such as farmhouse clocks, and coastal beach clocks, or move on to find beautiful decorative wall mirrors for your home!

Be sure to download your free printable wall art too!

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Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor

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