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15 Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating With Mirrors

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We love decorating our home with wall mirrors. A simple product with so many benefits. They are so versatile, not only making a room look more spacious, spread natural light around, but also seem to add a whole new dimension and breathe new life to a living space. That said, there are a few things […]

How to pick the right wall mirror that will blend in seamlessly

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To me, wall mirrors are absolute essentials for any household. They perform the very important task of making sure we don’t have food stuck between our teeth. And beyond that, they help us to look great, make the house look great and become more spacious, bring lots of sunlight into the house, and add a […]

Best Shadowbox Wall Mirrors Plus DIY Tip!

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You might have seen posts on social media, or possibly a DIY blog, of photos of shadowbox mirrors that are simply gorgeous. There is something about creating a raised frame that encapsulates the subject perfectly, turning something simple into a new level and looking three dimensional. Wall mirrors are usually used for vanity and aesthetic […]

21 Unique Mirrors for Bathroom: Get Inspired

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Bathroom mirrors are essential, not only for letting you see yourself when you brush your teeth, shave, or put on makeup, but also point out that stuck veg between your teeth on your date. No bathroom can do without one, and beyond its practical functions, it also enhances the style of the bathroom, reflect light […]