Do Salt Lamps Attract Spirits? Spooky Truth Unveiled

There was once when a friend visited and saw my Himalayan Salt Lamp near the entryway of our home. She gave me a shock when she let out a shriek and said that salt lamps attract unwanted guests such as ghosts, spirits, or evil things. Needless to say, I was visibly annoyed by that statement, but it also got me somewhat curious.

Do salt lamps attract spirits?

In my mind, I was positive that the answer is a straight-up no. But the curious side of me wanted to find out more.

I poked around the internet and consulted a friend who was quite well versed in this subject before writing this post.

If you were ever concerned about such a phenomenon or just curious, stick around to find out what I discovered.

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do salt lamps attract spirits

The Evil Himalayan Salt Lamp

Let’s get a fact out of the way first: there is no scientific fact that salt lamps attract ghosts or spirits. In fact, Himalayan salt lamps are sometimes regarded as pseudoscience.

The way they work is by emitting negative ions into the atmosphere, cleaning the air as it releases them. This has been refuted by several scientists, but many swear by their benefits. I, for one, bought a salt lamp simply because I love the way they love, rather than focusing on these debates.

As long as there is nothing harmful about them, I am all for it.

Which begs the question, are they?

Do salt lamps invite evil to your home? 

To tackle this question, there are some points that you might want to have in mind. I will cover them here.

1. Are you a believer in the spiritual world?

For starters, you got to figure out whether you believe in ghosts and spirits before deciding if salt lamps do indeed attract them.

Needless to say, if you do not believe in them, then this statement is moot. You really should not pour too much thought into it and feel free to enjoy the dazzling beauty a salt lamp adds to your home.

If you do believe, however, you might want to read on.

2. Understanding the uses of salt

No, I’m not talking about how many pinches are required in your chicken casserole. I’m referring to the way they have been used since ancient times to ward off evil.

For example in Christianity, blessed salt has often been used in rites and baptisms to be set free from impurity. In fact, many regard salt as a symbol of the permanent sanctity of Jesus, and salt has been used to make Holy Water.

In medieval times, salt was highly prized and used almost exclusively by the nobility. They are also placed on altars in many religions to represent purity.

A practice in Germany revolves around the use of salt too. When newlyweds moved into their new home, salt was sprinkled in all corners of the room to get rid of bad energy

With these and more examples in mind, it is safe to say that salt should not be the ingredient to attract spirits.

Why some people still report such incidents though could be due to other reasons as follows.

transylvania salt mine
Have you been inside a salt mine? They are gorgeous!

3. Messy and dirty rooms

It is said that ghosts are drawn to clutter since they crave chaos (seems a bit unfair to think that way in my opinion, but this seems to be popular opinion). If a room is too messed up, a certain vibration is created that attracts ghosts. Not only are cluttered rooms messy, they are mostly dirty too, another negative trait.

4. Empty rooms

If you live in a big house with empty rooms, do you check out these rooms often? Do you experience a weird sensation when you walk in? Empty rooms are stagnant and somewhat uncomfortable, which is a favorite haunt (no pun intended) of ghosts and spirits. Take the time to walk in every week and be sure to place some objects in there to create a lived-in environment. A plant or a salt lamp would work nicely.

5. Negative energy

As you spend more and more years living in your home, you would accumulate lots of different things. Some of them you will love for a long time, but for some, you can’t stand looking at them anymore. This in turn brings about negative energy, another reason why ghosts would like to linger on.

If you are starting to dislike certain furniture in your home, consider getting rid of them. Donate or sell them on Craigslist.

6. Salt lamps turning black

This might have happened to you and caused you to freak out, but relax, it is likely explainable.

You see, salt lamps absorb moisture from the air, along with the impurities that exist in it.

Another reason could be the use of candles or burning smoke interacting with the salt lamp. Or you could have simply bought a low quality salt lamp.

The problem is, there are many merchants out there touting nonsense. If you really want to buy a salt lamp, be sure to choose a reputable supplier.

I personally buy from So Well Salt Lamps, unless they do not carry a particular item I’m looking for.

Here are more options you can consider from other high quality vendors:

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Will you still be getting salt lamps for your home?

I have personally owned a salt lamp for more than a decade. The first was a gift, and I bought myself one later on.

The only spirits that I have encountered during this time were tequila, rum, and whiskey. Not sure about you but I do welcome them.

While you are here, be sure to learn more about the colors of Himalayan Salt Lamps or simply head over to our shop to see what’s in store.

Don’t worry about the spirits, it could just be Casper 🙂

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