Top 10 Favorite Pier1 Mirrors To Beautify Your Home

I remember back in the days when it was a family affair to go out shopping for wall decor. Dad would pack us into his minivan and we would go for ice cream before hitting the stores.

In the last 2 decades, things have changed tremendously, and online shopping has become the norm instead.

Pier1 was one of the stores we frequented, but now they have moved to become an online retailer after failing to secure a buyer for its physical store business.

Although we can no longer visit them anymore, the transformation has also brought about a new level of convenience. Their online shop is one of my preferred places to shop for wall mirrors among many other home decor items, thanks to their extensive collections.

Not only that, Pier1 has kept up a high level of quality and fast shipping to cater to the new generation of shoppers!

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you my favorite Pier1 mirrors!

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Best Pier1 Wall Mirrors Collection According to Wallccessories!

1. Kinney Square Mirror

kinney square wall mirror

A beautiful square framed mirror that is perfect for bathrooms and entryways. The mirror itself has a beveled edge, adding more details to this geometric wall mirror.

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2. Grandview Arched Farmhouse Window Mirror

Grandview Arched Farmhouse Window Mirror

Perfect for farmhouse interior designs, this arched wall mirror with a lovely weathered wood frame adds a new dimension to your home, be it in the living room to act as an additional “window”, or along the entryway to welcome guests.

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3. Contemporary Frameless Mirror

Contemporary Frameless Mirror showcase

Frameless wall mirrors embody simplicity and minimalism. This classic design adds a twist with geometric etchings that complements the style perfectly.

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4. Embossed and Distressed White Wash Wall Mirror

Embossed & Distressed White Wash Mirror

Having this mirror in your home instantly adds a unique look that will be on everyone’s lips. The metal frame is heavily distressed and white-washed, creating a stunning rustic look.

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5. Queen Etched Art Deco Wall Mirror

Queen Etched Mirror

With its unique geometric border, it reflects light in multiple angles. Although it is frameless, its high-quality finish and silver backing lends itself to the Art Deco interior seamlessly.

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6. Eden Copper Round Wall Mirror

Eden Copper Wall Mirror showcase

Doubling up as a sculpture, this round mirror is a great addition to any wall decor, thanks to its uneven textures and bold copper color.

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7. Dockline Round Hanging Wall Mirror

dockline round hanging wall mirror

Try out a different way of hanging mirrors with this awesome coastal-style design. The rustic look is enhanced by its thick hanging rope and oil rubbed bronze finish.

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8. Tamworth Lighted Mirror With Shelf

Tamworth Lighted Mirror with Shelf

At first glance, the Tamworth does not have an outstanding or unique look, but its functionality and functionality far outweighs that. Perfect in smaller bathrooms, it is actually quite uncommon to find a mirror that comes with lights and a shelf. Count yourself lucky 🙂

Learn more here! 

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9. Avidan Oversized Mirror

Avidan Oversized Mirror

This is one of my favorites. The sheer size of it stands out in any room, and with its antique bronze frame, it adds a level of sophistication unlike others. My choice is to place this in the dining room!

Learn more here!

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10. Lucy Round Sunburst Decorative Mirror

Lucy Round Sunburst Decorative Mirror

If I am allowed to have 2 favorites, this will be the second piece. I mean, just look at the stunning design! Handcrafted and boasting a golden sunburst design, it immediately brightens up a room and becomes its centerpiece. It is a must-have!

Learn more here!

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Shopping on Pier1

Have you shopped on Pier1 before? It’s likely you have since they welcome a few million visitors each month on their site.

But if you have not, what is the experience like?

In my opinion, I like the way the site is structured.

The layout is simple and easy to navigate.

You can easily choose from the category you want, such as decor, furniture, or outdoor.

From there, you can streamline down to the sub-category you are searching for.

If all else fails, the search function is pretty good and accurate.

On the product page, you are often offered discounts, and that discount does up if you purchase more than one item, so consider teaming up with your neighbor or friends if you are buying something there.

Not only that, you can choose to put your item on an installment plan with no interest through Synchrony.

You can also sign up for an extended warranty to protect your purchase against future damages.

Pretty sweet.

What is the refund policy of Pier1? 

I don’t know why, but this seems to be the first question I usually ask when I’m shopping online. Maybe it boosts my confidence in knowing that I can return the product if it is not as advertised.

At Pier1, they have a return policy where you can get the value of the product back in store credits. Not the most ideal I suppose, but this has actually not happened to me before. I have shopped there many times and never had to return anything.

For defective goods, you get your money back.

Check out the details here.

What are shipping fees at Pier1 like?

Shoppers enjoy free shipping for purchases above $149, but that does not include products under the Furniture and Rugs sections.

If you do not reach the minimum, there is a fee chargeable based on the total purchase price.

Take note that Pier1 only ships within the United States at this moment.

Check out the details here.

What’s next after Pier1 mirrors? 

I hope you find it useful to see a snapshot of what Pier1 has to offer. I have fond memories of them and I will continue shopping there. What about you? Another one of my favorite online decor shops is Anthropologie. Check that out too.

Be sure to check them out here and see for yourself what other goodies you can uncover.

Also, we have tips on how to pick the right mirror, mistakes to avoid when decorating with mirrors, or how you can DIY your own shadowbox wall mirror so don’t miss them out!

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