Gracie Oaks Furniture: 6 Things You Always Wanted To Know

Gracie Oaks furniture is a brand that I have come across several times while shopping and in fact, I own quite a few pieces from this brand. They are very popular on Wayfair (read the review here) and have a ton of products that appeal to a wide range of shoppers.

I also realized that many of my friends are interested in getting their products and are curious to find out more. That prompted me to list down all that I know about Gracie Oaks and put them into one helpful post.

I hope you find the answers you were looking for here and help you to make an informed buying decision. I have also listed out some of my favorite models from the furniture manufacturer to help you narrow down your choices.

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Is Gracie Oaks furniture good quality? Is Gracie Oaks a good brand?

Perhaps the most important question to answer first and one that pops up most often is whether Gracie Oaks furniture is good quality or not. As an existing customer who has purchased over 6 pieces of furniture from them, my opinion is that Gracie Oaks furniture is high quality and priced reasonably. That could be its secret to success on the Wayfair platform. At this point in writing, they have over 70,000 products listed there!

Looking deeper into this, I checked out the reviews for some of the big-ticket items such as bedroom sets and patio sectionals and I found mostly 5-star reviews. Most of the remarks relate to the high-quality build of the products, which is consistent with what I have experienced myself. And I’m also glad that it is made available on Wayfair as they have impeccable service. I remember one occasion where a drawer cabinet came with a broken handle and Wayfair offered to send a brand new set over and asked me to keep the damaged one if I wanted!

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Is Gracie Oaks a Wayfair brand?

Gracie Oaks is listed by Wayfair as one of its 80 over house brands, which are supposedly sold exclusively on their platform only. As the online home decor retail landscape changes constantly, you might expect things to be different the next time you shop online. Why do I say that? I noticed that some Gracie Oaks products are now available on Walmart too, although their collection is not extensive at all. I have also seen Gracie Oaks furniture found on some other websites, but if you asked me, I would probably do my shopping on Wayfair instead.

What style of furniture does Gracie Oaks make?

Lovers of modern farmhouse and country/cottage style homes will love the offerings from Gracie Oaks. Their massive collection covers almost all that you need to decorate your house in a rustic or classic farmhouse setting. From sofas and dining chairs to beautiful dining tables and outdoor furniture, they really have lots of options for most homeowners. Guess what? They even carry bird cages and feeders! That’s not something every furniture manufacturer can boast about!

Who manufactures Gracie Oaks furniture?

Well, first of all, let’s understand what Wayfair does. They have been around for almost 2 decades now and they also own other brands such as Joss and Main, Perigold, AllModern, as well as Birch Lane. Some might think that they are producing the furniture found on their sites, but that is actually not true. Wayfair adopts a dropshipping model. In simple terms, they are the bridge between you and me and the supplier, in this case, Gracie Oaks.

As for Gracie Oaks, they are the actual manufacturers of their own brand of furniture and accessories. The company states that their products are made in the USA.

Who sells Gracie Oaks furniture? Where to buy Gracie Oaks furniture?

There is very little information provided by the manufacturer itself and this is not uncommon for lots of “smaller” size companies like this. They do not focus much on marketing, relying more on online marketplaces and platforms to do the sales for them. In this case, you can find the largest collection of Gracie Oaks furniture on Wayfair, as well as their sister brands. Outside of Wayfair, you can also find them on other sites such as ShopStyle, WarehouseDirectFurniture, Walmart, and RealSimple.

As I mentioned earlier, I personally would only buy from Wayfair as the shopping experience is top-notch as well as their service. If I’m spending such a large sum of money, I prefer to do business with someone I trust and have a good experience with.

How to contact Gracie Oaks?

There is no direct way to contact Gracie Oaks at this moment. I believe the company does not deal directly with consumers and lets the distributing agents handle all issues. For example, if you encountered a defect with your Gracie Oaks product, you should direct your enquiry to the retailer instead. They are mostly trained to handle most issues, and they would also be able to seek advice from the manufacturer if necessary. If you have pre-sales questions, it is also suggested that you check with the retailer. I find that Wayfair really excels in this part of their business.

My Favorite Gracie Oaks furniture and home products

Gracie Oaks TV stands with fireplace

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Gracie Oaks end tables

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Gracie Oaks coffee tables

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Gracie Oaks hall trees

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Gracie Oaks bar and bar cabinets

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Gracie Oaks dining sets, tables, and chairs

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Gracie Oaks area rugs

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Gracie Oaks wardrobes and armoire

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Gracie Oaks sofas, poufs, and ottomans

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Thanks for checking out this article and I hope you found it useful.

Be sure to give Gracie Oaks a shot when you are shopping for home furniture next!

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