5 Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors Explained

Himalayan salt lamps are well known across the world and are commonly found in homes as they are beautiful pieces of decor. Their natural curves and edges make for a stunning sculpted look beneath the warm glow from the lamp.

Most people associate the salt lamp with pink, but did you know that there are actually other colors available? In fact, some are really rare which is why you hardly see them in retail shops.

Another issue that is common is the production of cheap and low-quality salt lamps which really undermines the original ones.

In this post, I will cover the different Himalayan salt lamp colors to help you understand their differences better and how you can avoid getting a fake salt lamp.

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salt lamps for your office or study room

How do salt lamps get their color?

As you can imagine, Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt crystals and this salt comes from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.

The lamps are available in several colors and can include pure white, pink, orange, deep red, or a mixture of these colors.

They are essentially large pieces of natural salt, so it is perfectly normal to see different shades of the colors described above, as well as cracks and fissures which are entirely normal too.

But how do salt lamps get their colors? Well, the key reason behind this is the infusion of iron. This metal is found in the ground alongside the salt crystals, and in areas where the iron content is higher, you will get more orange and red salt crystals. Besides iron, there are also many types of minerals that are infused into the salt, further giving them that all-natural coloring.

This is similar to how gemstones get their colors too.

With that said, you can now determine that white salt lamps have the least amount of iron in them, while those that are deep red contain a much higher iron content.

Different Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors broken down

White Salt Lamps

You might think that white salt lamps are probably the most common type of salt lamps since salt is white right?

Well, not exactly. The most common color of Himalayan salt is actually pink and orange, so white lamps are considered one of the rarest. Being free of impurities has made them highly prized and sought after. They are found on the fringes of the Khewra Salt Mine and are more expensive than regular ones.

Because of this, it is common to see people trying to sell fake ones, which is why it is crucial to find and select a respectable merchant rather than buying it off a flea market stall.

That said, what’s so good about a white salt lamp? The hue that they emit is brighter than pink lamps and thus makes them suitable for rooms that require better lighting and illumination. This can include the office, classrooms, or the study room in your home.

Here’s one to consider:

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Pink Salt Lamps

Although pink salt crystal lamps are the most common, it does not throw any shade on their beauty. These lamps get their color from naturally occurring minerals in the ground which can be described as calming and alluring, and sometimes contains strains of white and red too.

It is very useful for relaxation or to provide sufficient lighting for activities in the dining room or living room.

Compared to the darker hues, the pink salt lamp is bright enough as the main source of lighting itself.

Pink represents love and kindness, and it has become one of the most popular colors that homeowners have chosen.

Orange Salt Lamps

If you were to describe a regular salt lamp, the most appropriate color to name them would likely be pinkish-orange. The fact is that a blend is more common to most, and some with more obvious orange hues are also commonly sold.

The amber tones are really nice as a mood lighting as they set your rooms with a warm glowing light. You probably seen them used in high-end spas, which emphasizes relaxation and calming thoughts. It helps to soothe your worries and set a nice relaxing environment to chill out.

Thanks to its calming and relaxing effects, orange salt lamps are also mighty useful when it comes to helping people sleep. If you are someone who needs a night light, consider using one of these instead.

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Red Salt Lamps

As the salt crystals get infused with a higher concentration of iron oxide, it changes color to become a deep red. The color is intense and mysterious, and it is great for mood lighting too since it does not overwhelm.

Lots of people are attracted to the deep red that is often associated with passion and warmth.

Red salt lamps are not as common, so you might expect to pay a slight premium if you find one.

Gray or Black Salt Lamps

The rarest of them all, the gray salt lamp is made of crystals that are mined from the Bahadur Khel salt mine in Pakistan.

These dark gray (sometimes described as black) lamps came about due to the high levels of magnesium, sulfur, as well as iron.

Imagine having one as your night light, which they are perfect for as they give off a light glow, providing the perfect setting for sleep.

It is also known that gray salt lamps tend to produce more heat which increases their hygroscopic effect. Basically, this means that they absorb more moisture from the air, and when heated up by the bulb, release negative ions into the air.

Beware though, as black salt lamps are very rare, and I recommend that you only buy them from a reliable supplier.

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Where to get real salt lamps?

I have personally shopped for salt lamps for many years, and I have seen some real crappy stuff out there. You really do not want to buy one home and realizes it was “sweating” before it even got home with you.

Amazon is a decent place to find one, and you would have to read the comments carefully. These days, I still buy salt lamps, mainly as gifts, and I get them from So Well, a sustainable and fair trade online retailer. They are also one of the few to carry the rare white and gray salt lamps.

Check out their collection here.

What color salt lamp is the best?

There really is no “best” salt lamp as each serves a different purpose. At the end of the day, it depends on the mood you are trying to create and even the color that you are attracted to most.

For me, I would go for white or pink lamps in spaces where I want more brightness and energy, while going for orange or red lamps in spaces for relaxation especially my bedroom.

Be sure to look around as there are lots of different sizes and color tones to choose from.

Whichever you select, you will certainly have a beautiful and useful decorative item in your home now.

What’s next?

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