How To Decorate A Guest Bedroom Stylishly Plus 20 Inspiring Ideas

Learning how to decorate a guest bedroom is a great way to inject some color and life into your home.

The guest room is one of the most important rooms in your home, no matter what kind of décor you choose.

It’s the one area where you enter the world of your home’s guest and the one where you get the opportunity to add personality to make your home feel more personal.

Your guest room décor can be used as an expression of your personality and style and a simple change of your guest room décor can create a new impression about your home if you want your home to have a homey feel that’s welcoming for guests.

Whether you want an update around the theme of your guest room or something altogether different, there are lots of ideas to get you started.

Take a look at these guest room designs and tips that will impress everyone who visits your home and get inspired to start decorating now!

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Questions to ask before decorating a guest room

What color you will use?

There are lots of color combinations that can transform how a room looks immediately. You can opt for monotone, two-color combinations, or up to three color combinations to find the right fit. Also, think about if you want to use a simple palette, or decorate with bolder colors?

There is no doubt that different hues, bright colors, and neutral tones help add variety to any type of decorating choices. If you plan on having a guest staying in the room, then a little painting on the wall can brighten it up and make it look more welcoming. 

How big is the room?

This will determine the size and type of furniture you can afford to place in there. When working with a smaller room, you will also want to pay more attention to space-saving furniture, for example, a full-length mirror that doubles up as hanging rack (see below). The space below a bed can also be fully utilized to maximize storage so be sure to take this into consideration.

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What type of decorations will you need?

Decorative items such as wall art, accents, or mirrors are great ways to improve the overall look of a guest room. 

Once the furniture has been decided, you should start looking around for complementary decorations to add to the room.

What kind of furniture will you be using?

There are various types of furniture that are available nowadays. They also provide you with more functionality in your guest room. You can find beautiful ideas to include in the room when it comes to choosing the right design theme. 

Do you have a budget to work with?

Lastly, how much have you set aside for this project? Without a rough estimate, it can be hard to get started or worse, you might end up spending more than you should without knowing it.

Guest Room Decoration Ideas And Inspiration

Classic guest bedroom design in Austin with beige walls

Welcoming Coastal Room complete with white furniture, shutters, and giant wooden fish.

Large coastal guest room with light wood floor with white walls

Coastal guest room with medium tone wood floor and beige walls

Guest room that doubles as a small office with a hidden desk in the corner.

Farmhouse guest bedroom with grey walls

Transitional guest bedroom design in San Francisco with multicolored walls

Small modern guest carpeted and beige floor bedroom with white walls

Cottage guest bedroom, painted wood floor with white walls

Mid-sized eclectic guest bedroom with light wood floor and beige walls

Large transitional style guest bedroom, carpeted floors with white walls

Mid-sized beach style guest bedroom with carpeted floors and light blue walls

Mountain style guest room with painted wood floor and white walls

Mid-sized elegant guest bedroom with carpeted floor and beige colored walls

Elegant dark wood floor guest bedroom photo with gray walls

Trendy guest bedroom with medium tone wood floor

Small transitional loft-style guest room with dark wood floor and gray walls

Transitional guest bedroom in Miami with white walls

Mountain style guest room with carpeted floors and white walls

Southwest guest room with light wood floor and white walls

General styling tips for guests bedrooms

  1. Be sure to have adequate lighting for your guests. I recommend mood lighting and providing a reading lamp by the bedside.
  2. Prepare for arrival by printing them a simple welcome card and lighting some candles for a more inviting look
  3. This is a no-brainer – make sure the room is thoroughly cleaned and tidied.
  4. Invest in a high-quality mattress that can last a long time and is suitable for most people. Read my Puffy Mattress review (they are affordable and good!).
  5. If the bathroom is shared, be sure to let them know if there are any particular dos and don’ts to avoid any awkward issues.
  6. Ensure there is sufficient room for them to store their luggage and unpack their clothes. No one likes to live off a suitcase.
  7. Go ahead and try something different from the rest of your home. This is a great opportunity to experiment with a look that you have always liked. 
  8. Convert the room to a home office when there are no guests around. Have a small study table in a corner of the room ready and you can turn this unused room into an office.
  9. If space is a really big constraint, consider installing a murphy bed or use a sofa bed that folds away instead of a regular one. Check out our sofa beds collection here.
  10. Enhance the guest bedroom further by adding wall decor, books, comfortable throws, or flowers into the mix. Check out our wall art collection or simply get your hands on our free wall art printables!

Decorating a guest bedroom? What’s next?

Thanks for checking this article out! Here are our most popular articles that you can read next, or head over to our shop to start finding some cool decor and furniture for your guest room! 

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