8 awesome tips on how to decorate your living room with plants

Having greenery in your home is a lovely touch to add nature, the outdoors, and a soothing sight for your eyes.The use of plants in homes and offices is increasing in popularity, as they are a great way to bring the outside in. Some of us may not have the luxury of a garden or backyard, so you might want to decorate your living room with plants as the easiest way out.Plus, they can have the effect of bringing fresh air into our living spaces since they reduce toxins and improving the air quality, not forgetting to mention that some studies have proved that plants can actually reduce stress! In this post, I will show you 8 awesome ways to decorate your living room with plants.Let’s read on to learn more about plant decor![block id=”7091″]

Types of indoor plants you can use to decorate your living room

As you go about trying to decorate your living room, you really do not want to have just one lonely planting standing in a corner. Variety and volume are key here, but that is not to say you need to turn your home into a garden. Grouping a few different types or a few pots of plants together can create a beautiful setting in your living room. I will go into the areas you can consider decorating in the next section. For now, let’s see what we can use. 

1. Succulents and Cacti

variety of succulent plantsThese type of plants is the best way to get started since they are super low maintenance and there are so many different shapes and sizes available. Although they are desert plants, that does not necessarily mean they are drab and boring. Quite the opposite actually.Many of them actually bloom and can create a new and lively look in your home during this season. I love that they are so easy to maintain and versatile!Shop Succulents Here!

2. Polka Dot Plant

polka dot plantEver heard of these cute-sounding plants? They are perfect for indoor environments and they are widely available in many different colors. Pink is the most common one, and they form a lovely contrast with the other plants in your decoration easily.Not only are they known for their pleasing aesthetics, but they are also really easy to maintain. They require little sunlight or indirect sunlight and just regular watering to live, but the only setback is that their lifespan might not be as long as most hope for. Its typical lifespan is about a year, but they tend to live longer indoors. Shop Polka Dot Plants Here!

3. Orchids

indoor orchidsThese babies are going to be your statement piece without much fuss. Orchids require basic gardening skills and care, appealing to most beginners. Many designers often choose to use orchids to brighten up a room as they can be found in many different color schemes. Throw out the notion that plants are only green, and make use of orchids to decorate your living room beautifully.Shop Orchids Here!

4. Rattlesnake plant

rattlesnake plant indoorsDon’t let its name take you back. The rattlesnake plant is a great indoor plant with large spotted leaves. The cool part about them? They have a purple underbelly, providing a stunning contrast to their surroundings. I love this plant and often grow it in a white pot to accentuate its beautiful colors. Shop Rattlesnake Plants Here!

5. Money tree

money tree for indoorsGotta love its name, don’t you think! And not to worry, this tree doesn’t grow to 100 feet tall (although they can grow up to 80 feet in the wild). Indoors, they grow to a maximum of 6 to 8 feet, which is perfect as a standalone piece. If you are a believer in Feng Shui, money plants are one of the most popular objects to use in your home. The intertwining trunk of the tree traps fortune in it, while the five leaves on a stalk represent the five elements.While this is most popular in Asia, this should not stop you from owning one!Shop Money Tree Here!

5. Faux plants

Of course, if you do not want to get involved with growing and maintaining plants at all, there’s still the option of using faux plants. These days, they make it so real that it can be hard to tell them apart. They also give you the ability to mix and match as many types as you like to get the effect you are after without feeling bad. Another bonus? Faux plants are typically very budget-friendly. Shop Faux Plants Here!

Ways to decorate your living room with plants

Now that you have a basic idea of the types of indoor plants to use, let’s find a place to show them off.Here are some ways that you can copy or modify to your heart’s content! 

1. Large plant beside sofa

A large ornamental plant placed beside your sofa can turn this often neglected space around. Plants like the umbrella papyrus or monstera would be suitable.

2. Make use of branches

Create a minimalist contrast against the greens in the room with small branches. You can place them in a small vase so it looks like a mini tree of sorts, or go big and recreate a small forest!

3. Hanging Herb Garden

Not only are these hanging gardens nice to look at, but they also serve a practical purpose too. Grow your own herbs to use when you cook up a feast!

4. Decorate a bench

You’re not restricted to using a bench here. An eclectic chair could do the trick too. The key here is to combine several different species of plants to create a mini garden. Get creative and make this one up!

3 potted plants sitting on a bench
Source: https://www.treehugger.com/why-houseplants-need-soil-aeration-4857902

5. Dress up your windows

If you have a window seat or platform, why not make full use of the space? Group a few different types of greenery together and throw in a few decorative items in the mix and you are all set.

6. Decorate a shelf

Shelves are not exclusively used for books. You can easily decorate a bookshelf with house plants or create a standalone one. Placing one in the corner of the room is a great way to make full use of space in a living room.

7. Hanging plants

Not enough floor space? Why not hang indoor plants up then? They draw more attention to the eyes and don’t contend for living space. A hanging garden is pretty cool, don’t you think?

8. Backdrop for your sofa

The back of sofas are pretty dull, but not when you have plants in the house! If you push all your furniture against the wall, they look plain and static. Indoor plants are a great way to create a new dimension. Plus, don’t you think it’s cool to watch Jumanji among the “bushes”?

house plants behind sofa
Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/houseplants-that-stand-in-for-art-1487347759

More ideas to decorate your living room with indoor plants

Farmhouse living room

Large plants by the fireplace

House plants for a corner of the living room

Indoor plants on the coffee table

Large indoor plant beside floor to ceiling windows

Small indoor plants that dots the living room

One statement piece for the living room

What’s next?

I hope you found some inspiration in decorating your living room with indoor plants. They are really some of the best decor you can use in all kinds of interior design.Before you go, be sure to download your free wall art printables that you can use for your wall decor. Also, here are some of our most popular articles:

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