Kelly Clarkson Furniture: Should You Consider Getting It?

Wait, what? Kelly Clarkson furniture? I can already hear some of you thinking out loud: THE Kelly Clarkson that won the first American Idol in 2002? That’s right.

Some of you might not know this but the country songwriter/singer has her own line of furniture, and they are available exclusively on Wayfair.

I was pretty excited when I knew about this sometime last year and I decided to investigate deeper and find out if Kelly Clarkson furniture is worth the money.

After getting a set of lovely counter stools, an ottoman, and a coffee table set, I am going to share my discoveries in this Kelly Clarkson furniture review post!

Read on to find out more!

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Does Kelly Clarkson sell furniture?

Not exactly in the traditional sense where she has her own brick-and-mortar outlet or online store, but she has a line of furniture and decor that is being sold exclusively on Wayfair, one of the largest online furniture retailers.

The line is known as Kelly Clarkson Home.

She does not do any design work but instead curates what goes into her collection.

What style is Kelly Clarkson furniture?

Reflecting her southern roots, the Kelly Clarkson line of furniture and decor features a blend of Bohemian and farmhouse styles. Kelly calls it French Country and is defined by being airy and light, with lots of feminine touches.

Around a Kelly Clarkson inspired home, you would expect to find lots of personable vintage pieces as well as unique accents to create a very homely and cozy feel.

In her own words, she describes the style as calming, fresh, and inspiring.

Think beaded chandeliers thrown in with eclectic sideboards, complete with lots of soft and comfortable textiles for the ultimate Kelly Clarkson look!

Who makes Kelly Clarkson’s furniture?

To answer that question, we need to understand a bit more about how Wayfair operates.

As one of the largest online furniture and decor furniture around, they work with several manufacturers to be able to offer such a wide variety of brands.

Some of these manufacturers are using Wayfair as their marketing and retail platform, opting not to have their own in order to focus on what they are good at and let the experts at Wayfair take care of the final mile supply chain.

Besides that, Wayfair has in-house brands too, such as Gracie Oaks, Mercury Row, Andover Mills, Three Posts, among a few others.

What makes them different is that they are designed by the Wayfair team themselves, and then outsourced to manufacturers to create the final products.

This kind of model can be described as a dropshipping model, where Wayfair acts as the bridge between suppliers and consumers like you and me.

As for Kelly Clarkson Home, they are an in-house brand too, so the furniture is produced by a Wayfair manufacturer.

Where is Kelly Clarkson furniture made?

Kelly Clarkson Home furniture is made in China, Turkey, and other parts of the world.

Since Wayfair works with partners from all across the world, there is no one way to pinpoint a specific country.

Some of the listings do provide this information, while others have it asked and answered in the questions section.

You may consider asking too if that is something you really need to know.

Is Kelly Clarkson furniture good quality?

Similar to the other furniture and decor that Wayfair carries, Kelly Clarkson Home furniture is excellent value for money and comes in beautiful designs that really stand out.

My own experience tells me that the quality of the materials used is reasonably good and I expect them to last a pretty long time.

This is consistent with all my other Wayfair furniture and in fact comparable to higher-end products that we have in our home too.

I think that Wayfair does live up to its name of offering well-priced furniture that is high in quality but does not break the bank.

I have also checked out a number of reviews left by shoppers on the platform.

Out of over 2,000 pieces of furniture or decor that have a review, almost all of them have a rating of 4/5 and above.

At this point of writing, there are only 7 items that have a lower score, and guess what, they are not in stock anymore.

That speaks a lot about what you can expect when you shop on Wayfair, and I think you can try out this exercise next time you are shopping online too.

Having to know that pretty much all their products are getting good reviews puts my mind at ease, especially when shopping online.

Is Kelly Clarkson a spokesperson for Wayfair?

Yes, Kelly Clarkson had signed on to be the first-ever official Wayfair brand ambassador!

This happened in February 2020, and not only does Kelly Clarkson help promote the company, but she also has a hand in deciding the designs for the collection named after her, Kelly Clarkson Home.

I do think that her charisma and energy really make them a good fit!

Where to buy Kelly Clarkson furniture?

As you probably know by now, Kelly Clarkson Home furniture is available exclusively on Wayfair.

I know of situations where you might find them on other sites but they generally get redirected back to the Wayfair site.

You can check out the collection here or look at some of the items that I have curated for you down below!

Kelly Clarkson Home Alternatives

If you want to look around, here are a couple of options that might suit you. They are similarly priced, and be sure to read more about them too!

List of Kelly Clarkson Home Furniture You Should Consider

Kelly Clarkson Home Living Room

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Kelly Clarkson Home Bedroom

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Kelly Clarkson Home Dining Furniture

[flx-widget id=31]

Kelly Clarkson Home Office Furniture

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Kelly Clarkson Home Outdoor Furniture

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Kelly Clarkson Home Rugs Lighting and Decor

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Is Wayfair a good site to order from?

In my mind, Wayfair is one of the best online retailers of furniture and home decor.

The shopping experience is seamless and the delivery service is excellent.

Not to mention that they are backed by a knowledgeable and helpful customer service team who can help you scope out the ideal pieces you should get.

Shopping at Wayfair also comes with a 30-day return policy, making it a risk-free experience.

In conclusion: Kelly Clarkson Home Furniture and Decor collection

Overall, I am very pleased with the products from Kelly Clarkson Home.

Just like all of the furniture and decor my friends and I have gotten from Wayfair, they are well crafted, reasonably priced, and the overall shopping experience was excellent.

I highly recommend that you at least have a browse through their collection and you might just find something suitable for your home!

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