Sauder Furniture Review: Top RTA Brand

Sauder has been producing ready-to-assemble furniture for many years now, and its name is synonymous with high quality. They are after all one of North America’s largest ready-to-assemble furniture (RTA) companies.

I have had good luck with their products in the past, and have no issues with their customer service departments either.

But I think it is always wise to read reviews of a product before purchasing, to make sure that the reviews which reflect the general opinion of customers.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to write this Sauder furniture review to list out all the information you should know so you can be fully informed before you pull the trigger.

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Who Owns Maiden Home Furniture?

Erie Sauder established a woodworking company in 1934 in a barn behind his Archbold, Ohio, home.

He started off building custom cabinets and church benches, then started making small occasional tables out of the high-quality leftover wood.

A traveling salesperson placed an incredible order of 25,000 of these tables in 1940 because of their craftsmanship, which seemed like an unattainable order for a fledgling business.

But Sauder Woodworking Co. expanded and thrived with a little creativity and a lot of perseverance.

In 1953, Sauder finally found the solution to its vocation: a patented table that could be put together at home, setting the stage for its ready-to-assemble furniture that would drive its growth.

How Long Has Sauder Furniture Been in Business?

Sauder Woodworking Co. was founded in 1934, so this marks 88 years in business now.

What Style is Sauder Furniture?

Sauder furniture does not focus exclusively on one specific style of furniture, but rather they are trying to cater to as large a group of consumers as possible.

There are over 50 collections that you can browse through at Sauder now.

Here are the styles you can find:

  • Bistro
  • Bohemian
  • Coastal Cottage
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Industrial
  • Mid-century Modern
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Scandinavian
  • Shabby Chic
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Vintage Eclectic

What Kind of Furniture Does Sauder Furniture Make?

Thanks to its long history (consider this too: Bernhardt furniture review) and experience in the furniture business, Sauder now offers a huge variety of products to you.

Whether you are finding something for your home or office, there is likely something that you can pick up from Sauder.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to find:

  • Office
  • Commercial Office
  • Storage + Organization
  • Bookcases + Shelving
  • Bedroom
  • TV + Entertainment
  • Accent Chairs + Tables
  • Kitchen + Dining
  • Craft
  • Bath
  • Kids
  • Pet

What is the Price Range of Sauder Furniture?

I would tag Sauder furniture products slightly above entry-level prices.

For reference, I typically rate Ikea as entry-level, so here are a few comparisons:

6-drawer dresser$249.99$403.19
Counter stool$95$98.99
70″ TV consol$169.99$415.49
Take note that prices fluctuate; always check for the latest prices before deciding

Although it seems that Sauder furniture seems a fair bit more than Ikea’s, they do offer more design options, especially finishing.

Most of Ikea’s furniture are very basic, whereas at Sauder, you typically can choose from various finishes by choosing different laminates.

Where is Sauder Furniture Made/manufactured?

Sauder is one of those authentically American companies that are proud to manufacture all their products in the country.

That makes them truly unique when you consider the size and scale of a company like this.

They have also remained fully private and have contributed a great deal to the city of Toledo in Ohio.

Is Sauder Furniture Good Quality?

Overall, the furniture quality of Sauder is decent, not great.

They say that they make use of engineered wood for the majority of their products and that essentially means the use of MDF boards, particle boards, or plywood.

It would be like comparing to a merchant like Ikea, or possibly Ashley Furniture.

That said, while their quality is decent, I personally do not regard engineered wood as my top choice when it comes to materials for furniture.

Not saying I totally do not choose it at all, but they are not my first choice as I prefer solid wood which lasts longer, looks better and has a better resale value.

Sauder Furniture Materials and Design

As described earlier, most of the wood furniture at Sauder is made of a type of engineered wood.

These are made from particle boards, fiberboard, or MDF boards.

They are often used in furniture because they are lighter and less expensive than solid wood.

However, this type of material is not as sturdy and durable as solid wood and will not last as long.

I would describe Sauder as more of a traditional type of company, but when it comes to design, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Over the years, they have launched several new collections which are obviously trying to target the younger homeowners.

I think it has worked quite well and some of the collections like Canal Street and Dakota Pass will certainly pass the eye test for many shoppers.

canal street collection by sauder woodworking co

Sauder Furniture Order and Delivery Process

I will cover more about where you can buy Sauder products in a later section, but for now, let’s look at the process of ordering online on their website.

Their online shop is pretty well organized, where you can start your journey either by choosing the room type, collection, finish or the style you prefer. Really nicely done here.

All the information about the products is well listed on the product pages, including information for self-assembly.

Even if you are lost, there is a handy guide you can refer to.

I like that you get free shipping on all products, so no second guessing if you have to pay extra for a particular item.

All products will typically ship within 36 hours are and delivered either by UPS, FedEx, or Residential Truck Delivery (LTL).

There are financing options too if that is required, which you select “pay over time” during the checkout process.

Sauder Furniture Product Warranty and Customer Service

Every product on Sauder comes with a five years limited warranty from the date of purchase, which covers defects in materials or workmanship of Sauder furniture components.

That’s pretty good and can definitely stand up to what its competitors are offering.

Sauder Furniture Return Policy

This is not an area where Sauder does that well, to be honest.

You get only 7 days to initiate a return to the company, and this can be done by reaching out to the customer service department.

You will receive a credit back into your credit card, but that is before taking away the cost of the original delivery and the return delivery.

The problem is, there is no way to know how much these are, and if they exceed the cost of your return, you will not get anything back.

Scary! I would advise you to be extremely sure of your purchase if you are shopping at Sauder online.

Where to Buy Maiden Home Furniture?

Something that direct-to-consumer brands like Apt2B cannot offer is a physical location to shop at.

I mean, buying furniture is a big decision for most people and a hefty one at that, so wanting to touch and feel the product before handing over your credit card is pretty normal.

I’m personally quite comfortable shopping online thanks to the positive experiences I’ve had and the generous return policies, but hey, some of you might think otherwise.

So if you wish to shop at Sauder, you can find them in selected retailers all across the country. Use this tool to find a Sauder retailer near you.

Sauder also has 1 outlet store which is located in the Historic Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio.

For me, I would shop for Sauder on Amazon instead since I am a Prime Member, so sometimes there are additional benefits for me.

How to Contact Sauder Furniture?

I like how easy Sauder Woodworking Co makes it for customers to contact them.

There is a live chat function on their website (which I think all online retailers should have) that is fast and responsive. Take note that the operating hours are Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET.

Alternatively, you can contact them at the following:

Other Commonly Asked Questions About Sauder Furniture

Is Sauder furniture real wood?

Yes, Sauder’s furniture is made of real wood, more precisely, engineered wood. This type of wood is made by binding several different kinds of wood together including real and scrap wood to make a final wood product.

Does Sauder furniture contain formaldehyde?

Yes, they do, but only in very small amounts. However, since more than a decade ago, Sauder has implemented Kaizen, or a lean manufacturing program, during which it eliminated the use of harmful materials such as PVC.

How do you assemble a Sauder computer desk?

Just like all of their products, Sauder provides detailed guides for homeowners to assemble their furniture. Thanks to its patented technology, assembly is easy and requires nothing more than a few basic tools. Assembly service can be arranged if needed.

Is Sauder going out of business?

No, they are not going out of business. Sauder is still going strong currently, although they were forced to stop production for a period during the pandemic.

Are Sauder desks solid wood?

No, Sauder desks, just like the rest of its wood furniture, do not use solid wood, but rather use engineered wood. These are made by binding different types of wood together to form a completely new type of furniture material often known as MDF or plywood.

Is Sauder furniture made in the USA?

Yes, Sauder furniture is made in Archbold, Ohio in the USA. They have a few manufacturing facilities that measure over 300,000 square feet in the country.

Is Sauder furniture made in China?

No, Sauder furniture is not made in China. All of their production facilities are located in the United States.

Is Sauder furniture laminate or veneer?

Sauder’s products are completed with laminate, which is basically a surface finish product that is made by pressing together layers of heavy-duty paper with a binding compound known as melamine, that hardens it into a resin.

In Conclusion: Sauder Furniture Review

I do think there is a certain market that Sauder caters to very well – particularly anyone who wants good quality and a traditionally reliable maker that supports the local community.

The plentiful options offered by Sauder make it a good place to shop for all your needs in one spot as well as its fairly reasonable prices and financing options.

If you are keen to check out a few more brands before settling, do check out my review of Nathan James furniture, Rivet furniture from Amazon, or my Kelly Clarkson furniture review too.

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