30+ Best Square Wall Mirrors

With wall mirrors, you have so many different options to style your home. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, how do you choose the right one then?

The humble wall mirror is no longer just a tool for you to doll up and get ready in the mornings.

While performing its functional duties, it has also evolved to be a node for creativity.

Today, we will look into square wall mirrors and how you can style them and make the best use of their class and simplicity.

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What can wall mirrors do for your interior decor?

Beyond just a vanity screen, the wall mirror can serve several other purposes too.

In my home, I usually use them to achieve the following:

  • Maximize the amount of natural light in my home, especially rooms with smaller windows
  • Create an illusion of more space, particularly in smaller rooms
  • Be a focal point on a gallery wall. A large decorative piece always does the trick (think Art Deco, sunburst, wood etc)
  • Create a link between indoor and outdoor areas by placing it opposite a window or entryway
  • Add glamor and style to the home!

Where to hang square wall mirrors?

Deciding on a location for your square wall mirror does not need to be complicated.

Here are the spots in my home that I have used very often and getting great results:

  • Foyer
  • Entryway
  • Hallway
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Room
  • Study corners
  • Above the fireplace mantel
  • Above a console

How to decorate a wall mirror?

Some people might think that square wall mirrors are pretty boring looking, but that can be changed by applying a few simple techniques, especially if you do not want to get a new one for now.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Repaint the frame
  • Gather the kids and make a flower frame! Perfect for veranda, garden, or backyard areas
  • Have some loose rope lying around? Frame your mirror with them to create a rustic look!
  • Just back from the beach? Seashells are amazing in adding a nautical look to your home. Just be sure that you are allowed to pick them up!

In summary

There’s a certain learning curve to decorating your home for sure, but with some trial and error, you can definitely turn your home into something you can be very proud of!

During the process, be sure to try out a variety of options, such as wicker wall mirrors, round wall mirrors, and my new favorite: Pewter Wall Mirrors! Super sleek and classy!

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Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor is the Chief Editor at Wallccessories and writes regularly about topics surrounding home decor. Her family has moved several times over the years due to her husband's job requirements, and thanks to that, she has had many opportunities to dabble in designing and decorating real cozy homes.

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