Stone and Beam Lauren Down Filled Oversized Sofa Couch Review

Searching for a comfy sofa can be pretty tricky, especially when you are trying to balance the needs of your family, your budget, and the style you like. I have been looking very closely at the Stone and Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Sofa recently and here’s my review on it.

If you are in search of a reasonably priced, comfortable, and durable sofa or couch for your home, be sure not to skip this article! Also, read my Stone and Beam furniture review to know more about the brand itself.

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First impressions

stone and beam lauren down filled oversized sofa showcase

Stone and Beam is a brand from Amazon, and has proven to be a big hit among home furniture shoppers. They have a wide range of quality products, including a great range of sofas, couches, and loveseats.

With the Lauren down-filled oversized sofa, you are getting a large, comfortable sofa for a very good price. It has big, plush cushions and deep seating that will fit most body types. When you sit onto it, you almost literally sink in! On the sides, you will find wide track arms to rest your tired hands.

The sofa comes with a solid wood frame, which tells me that this will be a piece of furniture that will last a long time. I really love the fabric which is moisture repellant as well as being stain resistant.

Its simple and classic silhouette is a perfect complement for most homes, especially so in farmhouse, rustic, and even modern homes.

In terms of the overall shopping experience, it is really seamless and easy. The merchant has made sure that the entire process is as smooth as possible, down from the checkout to the selection of delivery slots, and the actual delivery itself.

It shipped in only 2 days, as I’m an Amazon Prime member, but regular shoppers can also get theirs pretty quickly within one week.

Just take note that this is an oversized couch, so make sure you have done your measurements correctly before ordering it!


Let’s take a closer look at the product itself and some of its specifications.

Material used

  • Fabric: high-quality soft fabric that repels moisture and resists stains. It is very comfortable and is obviously made to be durable. Fabric is made of a blend of 98% polyester and 2% nylon. Wipes down easily with a damp cloth.
  • Leather: there is an option to go for leather sofas too, but you would expect to pay a higher amount for it.
  • Cushion filling: down-filled cushions
  • Frame: Solid hardwood frame to ensure it keeps its shape for a long time


The Lauren oversize down sofa is available in two sizes which is great for families with different requirements. Both the sizes have similar height and depth of 37.4″ and 44.9″ respectively.

74″ width

stone and beam lauren down filled oversized sofa 74 inches

89″ width

stone and beam lauren down filled oversize sofa 89 inches

As there is flexibility when it comes to the sizing, you can get this for a small apartment or even a larger living room. It seems that the fawn color is the most popular as it pairs easily with the rest of your furniture, but you can choose from other colors too.

Color options

I really like it when manufacturers put in some effort to give consumers more choices, especially in terms of colors. Neutral tones are great, but they don’t always match well with your style and home decor. A few extra choices really expand the possibilities and Stone and Beam has done well here.

  • Choice of colors for fabric sofa: Chocolate, fawn, pearl, pepper, slate
  • Choice of colors for leather sofa: Cognac leather, dark brown leather


There is no need for assembly as it is ready to use straight out of the box. When the movers reach your home, be sure to have them remove the sofa from the box and place it exactly where you want. It is totally hassle-free! All you need is to adjust the cushions to your liking and you’re all set!


As far as I know, delivery is always free for this range of sofas from Stone and Beam. You can be sure of that if you are an Amazon Prime member, which offers faster shipping and sometimes, discount codes, on top of free delivery.

The sofa took less than 5 days to arrive, which was way better than expected.


As with many products that are found online these days, the Stone & Beam Lauren sofa comes with 30 days free return. This makes the purchase pretty much risk-free as 30 days is a really generous amount of time to test it out or detect any problems with it. Plus, it comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, which will continue to protect your purchase against any defects.

My Ratings For The Stone And Beam Lauren Couch

Style and design, 4/5

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic design, and that’s what the Lauren sofa has managed to achieve here. It has a modern and fresh look that will look great in all living rooms, offices, or entertainment rooms. The choice of colors allows you to choose carefully to blend in with the rest of your home decor, and I really like the neutral earthy tones. The stitching on the fabric is white, which is almost unnoticeable unless you look very closely. Overall, I think the down-filled cushions complement the frame perfectly, making this a very pleasing design and style to use for any home.

Comfort, 4.5/5

You can generally expect high levels of comfort when it comes to products that are filled with down feathers. They are soft, yet they are able to provide a supportive structure to rest and relax while watching your favorite movies. And as the sofa is oversized, it makes it really comfortable to rest your legs without the need for an ottoman, unless you’re 7 foot tall, in which case you would need customized furniture instead.

When you take a seat on the Stone and Beam Lauren sofa, it feels like you are sinking into it. However, you might notice that the backing is not exactly the highest, so if you have family members who are quite tall, they might find it a tad uncomfortable. The solution would be to have an ottoman for someone like that who can then stretch out their legs while lying lower on the sofa.

As mentioned, there are two lengths to choose from. I find that the 74″ is very cozy, but it can be quite comfortable if you wish to take a nap lying on it horizontally. You would need to rest your head on the arms of the sofa though, as there will not be enough room to stretch your legs.

No such issue with the 89″ version though, which also really looks great as a piece of centerpiece furniture. The size is large enough to command a presence and can accommodate quite a few people at the same time.

I have the fabric version, which is soft and comfortable to sit or lie on. It does not feel hot even after watching an entire movie, and I love that they can be removed to wash with the laundry.

Customization 3/5

There is not exactly a ton of options when it comes to customization. You do not get to choose to make it a sectional or change the fabric, although you can choose to have leather instead.

Your choices here are down to either fabric or leather covers, 74″ or 89″, and choose from a few different colors (see above section).

You do have the ability to select a single-seater living room armchair and ottoman though, which is really nice if you wish to create a set, i.e. one long sofa plus two armchairs.

Quality 4/5

When it comes to sofas, it is very important to me that they are made with reasonably good materials. I think a good sofa set should easily last 5-8 years, if not more.

The main things I would pay attention to are the frame it’s built on and the cushion materials. As the sofa is very often used and usually by more than one person, it is important to have a solid wood frame to support all that weight and not sink down just after a year or so. It is VERY uncomfortable when your sofa sinks in the middle. Trust me, been there done that.

Secondly, the type of cushions used is critical too as it determines the main comfort and support, but also how long they can stay in the same shape. Cheap materials will see depression within 2 years or, turning them into uncomfortable seating for all.

In the case of the Lauren sofa, it is made with pretty good materials it seems. The frame is made with a solid wood frame, but it does not indicate what type of wood though.

There are metal springs that support the seat cushions, which means they are unlikely to sink in too quickly.

Delivery and assembly 5/5

As discussed above, the entire process was smooth and seamless. The delivery guys showed up on time and helped to unpack and place it in the right spot. Shipping was included in the purchase price so there’s no extra to fork out, and I must say the turnaround time was really quick. It arrived in 5 days.

Value for money 5/5

I have used a fair number of sofas in my lifetime, no thanks for moving around a few homes and my penchant for changing things up quite often. Buying a sofa is typically a pretty big investment, but in the case of the Stone and Beam Lauren sofa, I was really pleasantly surprised at the value for money price. It does fluctuate a bit (as with lots of Amazon products) but it stays around the $950 range for the 74″ fabric option. At times, they might have a small discount, but the price stays about the same mostly.

And this is really excellent value for a product of this quality. When you receive it, you will be really pleased with what you are getting for this amount of money, maybe even giggle a little just as the movers turn their back. Try finding similar in the stores and you would expect to pay at least $300-$400 more. And this was sent right to your home without you even leaving it!

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Customer reviews

So what do other customers say about this sofa? I have listed a few here that really stood out for me when I was checking out the product.

“4/5 Stars
Bottom line. Here’s the truth about this couch.
1- delivery was flawless
2- color is fantastic. To my eyes and my families eyes it is exactly as pictured. Light soft grey. Matches everything
3- material feels very durable yet soft and comfy
4- the seat cushions are soft and plush with generous give
5- the back cushions are firm. This is obviously by design. They feel like they are designed to break in over time. If they cushions are too soft out of the box they won’t last. This couch feels like smart people made the decisions.
6- I would buy this couch again. I love it
7- I have not been paid or anything of the sort for this review. Just a normal dad”

“5/5 Stars
This couch is exactly as pictured. The color is as listed, and the comfort rating in the product description is accurate. I think it’s very comfortable.

That said, a note of caution. I didn’t pay close enough attention to the DEPTH of the couch. To no fault of the couch, at a whopping 45″ deep, it takes up way too much real estate in my studio apartment.

Overall: Highly recommend this couch, but take note of the measurements all around, not just the width.”

“5/5 Stars
A bit skeptical ordering without trying it out but, I absolutely love this chair. First, it is the perfect color for my formal living room – it’s a light-medium grey. I’m a petite woman and I fit in the chair with my 7yo and 2 shi-tzus :-). The chair is medium firm – which I prefer so that it keeps it’s shape over time and doesn’t turn into a slouchy messy piece of furniture. But very comfortable and is my cozy new reading niche. The packaging was very well done and 2 men delivered to inside my house on the time promised.”

In conclusion: Stone and Beam Lauren Down Filled Oversized Sofa Couch Review

Stone and Beam has a winner with this sofa, balancing a really simple and classic design with good quality materials and a great price. The fact that they have made it almost risk-free to purchase and try it out for yourself is a no-brainer.

If you are in the market for a plush, comfortable sofa for you and your family, make this the top of your list. You will not regret this.

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Where to buy it?

Here are a few options that Stone and Beam offers. Click through to learn more and find more choices!

89″ in Pepper

74″ in Cognac Leather

Accent armchair in Slate

Ottoman in Pearl

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