Three Posts Furniture Review: Underrated Gem?

Continuing on our coverage of furniture brands, today I will be sharing a Three Posts furniture review.

As it gains in popularity, I am sure there will be many questions about them.

After getting my hands on a chest drawer last fall, I am now ready to share my thoughts about them.

At the bottom of this page, I will also share some of the pieces that I love and are on my wishlist!

Stay tuned as I cover all the ins and outs of this furniture brand from Wayfair. It might just help you make the right decision if you should go for it or not!

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What kind of furniture does Three Posts make?

Three Posts has a wide range of furniture available that can satisfy almost every kind of homeowner’s needs.

These include:

  • Bedroom furniture and bedding
  • Living room furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Home office furniture
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Area rugs
  • Lighting
  • Home accents and other decor pieces
  • Wall art and other decor pieces
  • Seasonal decor including Christmas trees!

They also have 2 other lines that cater to kids and teens.

Just like its counterparts such as Gracie Oaks, Mercury Row, Andover Mills, and Kelly Clarkson Home, the variety is extensive and reasonably priced.

What style is Three Posts furniture?

Three Posts furniture is made in the traditional style, but what stands out is that they offer a modern take on this classic design.

Traditional furniture, also known as classic furniture, dates back to the 1600s in Europe and has never gone out of style.

Because furniture manufacturers were paid by the hour, more ornate designs were seen as a symbol of money and rank, making well-crafted furniture with these flourishes more popular and desirable.

Dark wood elements, gold accents, soft curves, patterned upholstery, rich fabrics, beautiful accessories, and other signature qualities define classic style in addition to intricate ornamentation.

Three Posts furniture has incorporated all these characteristics with a fresh new look that screams modern and classy.

Who owns Three Posts furniture?

Three Posts is one of the exclusive brands that has come out of Wayfair, one of the leading online retailers of furniture and home decor.

Is Three Posts furniture good quality?

One of the most important questions a homeowner can ask is if a furniture brand is of good quality. So, is Three Posts furniture a good brand?

The problem is that we are not buying a ton of things from them, which makes it difficult to judge if the brand is good or not.

However, we can easily rely on reviews from other customers to determine if it is worth our time and investment.

When it comes to Three Posts, I can personally say that the quality is high, especially when you balance that out with its cost.

If you did not know better, you might even think that Three Posts furniture should command a higher price for its good workmanship and choice of materials.

They do live up to their motto of not compromising quality for comfort.

Another thing to note is the company behind it. Wayfair is a giant in the online furniture retail space and has a number of in-house brands.

What’s common among them is their quality. Their products were made exactly with this group of audience in mind, people who are searching for good quality products at reasonable prices.

The other thing I always do before shopping for furniture online is to take a look at reviews.

In this particular instance, Three Posts has over 5,100 products that have a review.

There are two things I would do here:

First, I take a look at the number of four and five-star reviews. Right now, there are over 4,900 of them, which translates to 96%.

I also filter by one and two-star ratings and see what these groups of buyers say.

Is there something that really stands out which says that we should not do business with them?

For Three Posts, I don’t see any.

Where is Three Posts furniture manufactured?

To address that question, we need to learn a little more about Wayfair’s business model.

They deal with numerous manufacturers to be able to offer such a diverse range of brands as one of the largest online furniture and decor stores.

Some of these manufacturers are just using Wayfair as their marketing and retail platform rather than creating their own in order to focus on what they do best while leaving the final mile supply chain to the specialists at Wayfair.

With Three Posts, it is an in-house brand, and as with their other exclusive brands, some of the products are made in the USA while some are made overseas including India and China.

Where to buy Three Posts furniture?

You might come across Three Posts furniture on some sites, but I would highly recommend that you only purchase from Wayfair or its sister companies such as Joss and Main or Birchlane.

This is because Three Posts is an exclusive Wayfair brand and it is here where you will get the full range of products and guarantees that the company provides.

Three Posts furniture rating

At this point of writing, Three Posts furniture has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Three Posts furniture location

Three Posts does not currently have a physical location.

You can browse their collection or purchase something from its Wayfair brand page.

Three Posts furniture customer service

The customer service for Three Posts furniture is handled by the excellent team in Wayfair.

I have had many interactions with them through their phone agents and they were great!

Very knowledgeable and quick to help. You will be able to get all your questions answered by them.

Alternatively, you may also consider posting a question at the bottom of an individual product’s page.

There is a question and answer section where you can ask your question.

Three Posts furniture phone number

You may contact the Wayfair hotline at 844-932-0183.

Here are the operating hours:

Mon – Fri: 8AM – Midnight EST

Sat: 8AM – 8PM EST

Sun: 9AM – 6PM EST

Three Posts Furniture Alternatives

Here are a couple of alternatives to Three Posts that you can consider. They are similar in pricing, so be sure to check out their reviews too.

My Favorite Three Posts Furnishing and Decor

Three Posts Living Room Furniture

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Three Posts Bedroom Furniture

[flx-widget id=36]

Three Posts Dining and Kitchen Furniture

[flx-widget id=37]

Three Posts Home Office Furniture

[flx-widget id=38]

Three Posts Outdoor Furniture

[flx-widget id=39]

In conclusion: Three Posts Furniture, are they good?

Three Posts furniture and the unique brands under Wayfair, in my opinion, provide exceptional value for money.

Many of its things are so reasonably priced that I’m sure some individuals would gladly pay twice as much for an identical item.

When you consider Wayfair’s simple purchase process and excellent customer service, I believe this is a clear winner.

Not only that, but if you’re displeased with your purchase, Wayfair has a 30-day return and refund policy, making this a risk-free buy.

Find your Three Posts furniture now!

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