5 Types Of Console Tables Fit For Any Home!

Not too long ago I was helping a dear friend seek out a console table for her home. She ended up getting 3! 

One of the questions we encountered was: What are the different types of console tables to choose from? 

We knew the usual types but wanted to dig deeper to see if anything else in the market that might stand out. 

After a week of research, we came together with our findings, and this post was born! 

Read on to find out the types of console tables you could decorate your home with as well as a bunch of questions commonly asked!

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What is a console table?

A console table is a piece of furniture that is usually wide like a regular table, but much shallower. They tend to fit into smaller spaces or situated against the walls and act as a placeholder for decorative items such as vases, lamps, and smaller things. Sometimes, they are placed against the back of the sofa, and becomes known as a sofa table.

What is a console table used for?

Console tables are commonly used in many households, where they are placed along hallways or entryways.

Along the entryway, they can be used as an “opening statement” of your home, where you welcome guests. They are great here too due to their shallow depth which means less obstruction. I often see owners place wall art or mirrors here to create a bold statement.

Around the house, you can also find them in the dining room, where they are often used as an extra tabletop surface to hold dishes or utensils. In fact, they are really handy here as they are quite mobile, which means you can move them around to suit the occasion.

The living room is where you see console tables often too. Use them to placing your favorite lamps or as a way to declutter the coffee table. I personally use a console table with a wine rack to store my precious collection, having easy access to them whenever I need them (the most precious ones go into the wine fridge!)

In the bedroom, the console table can act as a small dresser when a mirror is mounted on top of it. This is great for people who are short on space. Stocking it with jewelry creates a really nice vanity corner.


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Types of console tables

Sofa Tables

Sofa tables are placed against the back of sofas to act as extra decor space for small items such as candles or maybe a small salt lamp. The husband likes to use it to place his beer for easier access as he does not have to bend forward to reach the coffee table!

Below the tabletop, you can often find console tables with drawers or shelves for extra storage.

TV consoles

In a smaller room, a console table would be perfect for placing your TV. They take up much lesser space than regular TV cabinets or stands but certainly do not lack in aesthetics. 

I would consider them to be the best way to hold a TV in a small bedroom, child’s playroom, or the guest room.

Bar console tables

While they cannot replace a traditional bar, they can act as extra serving space for when guests are over. Stock up the bar console with wine and you are good to go! Since they are mostly quite lightweight, you can even move them out to the patio for chilling out.

Buffet tables

When you have more guests over, the dining table usually gets filled up pretty fast. A buffet console is the perfect assistant to hold extra dishes, cutlery, or glasses. Choose one which comes with extra storage below the tabletop where you can store tableware and such.

Vanity console

Just as described earlier, a console table is a great replacement for a larger vanity table. Consoles are slim and stay out of the way, which works perfectly in a smaller bedroom. Pair it with an accent chair and you have a beautiful vanity.

Collection Of The Best Console Tables

Over here on Wallcessories, you can find a huge range of console tables. There are lots of different sizes and materials to choose from such as marble console tables, wood console tables, glass console tables, and metal console tables. Find yours today!

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What’s next after console tables?

Be sure to stick around and read our other popular articles for ideas to decorate your home! 

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