21 Unique Mirrors for Bathroom: Get Inspired

Bathroom mirrors are essential, not only for letting you see yourself when you brush your teeth, shave, or put on makeup, but also point out that stuck veg between your teeth on your date.

No bathroom can do without one, and beyond its practical functions, it also enhances the style of the bathroom, reflect light and even provide storage space for your medicines and cosmetics!

How are we going to live without one right? Not only that, we need unique mirrors for our bathrooms right this minute!

In this post, I will share some cool bathroom mirror styling tips with you, and hopefully, this will inspire you to take on that much-needed makeover!

What types of mirrors can you use in the bathroom?

Well, there are lots of options here, from the regular square, rectangle, and round wall mirrors to mirrors with lights, shelves and even odd-shaped ones to add a dash of quirkiness.

Here are some tips on how you can choose the right bathroom mirror for your home:

Long mirrors will make the room look taller and also lengthen the bathroom. Great if your bathroom is somewhat narrow.

Round mirrors are great for adding a sense of softness, which works well to blend in with straight lines or industrial style fittings, or bricks.

A slightly odd-shaped wall mirror can liven up the bathroom, even if it is just a rectangle with rounded sides. To be more adventurous, check out asymmetrically shaped mirrors or one with an arch window. Perfect if the bathroom does not have a window or only has a tiny one.

If you are short on space, try to search for a folded corner mirror. It is great for tight spaces and takes the awkward-looking corners out of the picture. For a cleaner look, go with frameless or mirror tiles.

On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom with double sinks, you can consider using 2 angular mirrors instead of just one to add balance and harmony.

To incorporate a touch of glam and popstar status, consider installing a wall mirror with LED lights. No more dark shadows while prepping and they make you look great!

An alternative would be to use brass, pewter or mosaic wall mirrors!

In a rustic or country style home, make use of wood frame wall mirrors to blend in seamlessly with the decor. There are many with intricate designs that bring art into your bathroom too.

With a minimalist style home though, you can opt for frameless wall mirrors instead. They give off a sense of luxury and you get to make full use of the entire mirror, less the frames.

How big should a bathroom mirror be?

The key thing here is to be able to have the bathroom wall mirror blend in with its surroundings.

You don’t want to end up with something too small where you can’t actually make use of it, so one that is too large that it takes away other features of the bathroom and ends up becoming the focus, unless that’s your intention.

For smaller mirrors, you can consider playing around with a few of them, for example arranging 4 small mirrors to form one larger one.

For large mirrors, I typically choose one that is not wider than the sink cabinet and allow for any height. This way, it maintains the right proportion.

In case you are really unsure how to choose, I recommend having one that is between 24 and 36 inches.

Learn more about how to pick the right wall mirror here.

21 Unique Mirrors for Bathroom

The following unique bathroom mirrors have either been in my home at some point or high on my list.

Depending on your style and budget, there is definitely something for your bathroom!

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