200+ Awesome Wicker Picnic Baskets To Buy Right Now

It is one of our family’s favorite pastime: prepare some food and light snacks and head out to the park or garden to enjoy relaxing under the sun. It’s really nice to be out there in nature, especially with family. And every time we go, we never fail to bring along our wicker picnic basket.

While it does not have modern features such as insulation, there is never a doubt that it will be our go-to basket for picnics. We do sometimes bring along a chiller, but the wicker picnic basket is such a classic and traditional style that we simply cannot do without it.

In this post, you will find lots of different wicker picnic baskets in all kinds of shapes and sizes that will be perfect for your next outing. At the end, I will also share a few simple tips for finding the right kind of picnic basket.

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My Top 3 Choices For Wicker Picnic Baskets

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Background of wicker picnic baskets

I thought it would be really nice to mention a bit about how picnics came about and how the humble wicker picnic basket was born.

The word itself first came about in 1692, which described people bringing their own food to dine together, much like how we call it pot-luck today. Then came the French Revolution in 1789, after which liberated people took to the parks and gardens to enjoy themselves.

Naturally, in order to bring along their food, utensils, and crockery, the wicker picnic basket soon came about. It has not evolved much since it was first used, allowing us to connect to the past through a simple piece of woven basket.

Benefits of wicker picnic baskets

So what’s so good about using wicker picnic baskets? I can name a few, and maybe you have discovered more? Let’s see:

  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Easy to carry around
  • Most traditional and classic way to pack a picnic
  • Lightweight and very durable

What to look out for in a wicker picnic basket?

Now, how do you go about choosing a wicker picnic basket? I mean, this should be pretty simple, right? Yes, it is, but of course, if you were more particular, you would want to know some of the key points to take note of while shopping for one.

Here are my main considerations:

Carrying options: most people will head out to the parks and have a picnic, or even on a beach. Basically somewhere pretty accessible. In these cases, a picnic basket with a carrying handle will suffice, but if you are the adventurous sort and plan to hike and have a picnic, you might want to opt for something that has at least one strap, or better yet, backpack straps. Also, you should consider if you need a wicker picnic basket with a lid or not. I prefer to have one with a lid to keep flies out and to keep our food slightly warm while we head to our picnic spots.

Size: We usually go for picnics in a family of four, so the size needs to be appropriate. It needs to be able to carry out sandwiches, breads, jams, and salads without having to cram everything together. That said, there are lots of sizes to choose from, so this will be an easy choice for you.

Compartments: The wicker picnic basket in its simplest form is really just a basket with a handle. The cool thing is that there are newer variations these days that are much more functional, where there are separate compartments built into the basket for you to organize your items. There are even those that come with straps and pockets to hold plates, cutlery, and glasses! There’s even a wicker picnic basket with wine holder!

Material: Wicker is a technique for making woven products. The most common materials used are willow, rattan, reed, and bamboo. They are somewhat similar, and oftentimes you will find a combination of these materials being used to construct one basket. They are all pliable and sturdy, making them perfect for producing wicker picnic baskets.

Colors: Traditionally, wicker picnic baskets are light brown in color, but you can find a few variations these days, such as gray, dark green, or white.

Other types of picnic baskets

Wicker picnic baskets are obviously not the only types around. Some people might prefer something more modern with new features like insulation. Here are some other options you can consider:

  • Picnic baskets with cooler
  • Specialty picnic baskets for transporting wine and cheese
  • Polyester lunch tote bags
  • Picnic backpack

In conclusion

You don’t want to be caught without a pretty wicker picnic basket the next time you head to the park! After reading this post, you can now be the envy of your friends with your newfound knowledge and brand new picnic basket!

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