About Us

Hi there! Welcome to Wallccessories!

My name is Emma Taylor and I’m crazy about HOME and WALL DECOR!

This is where I talk about home decor topics, from wall to wall, inside and outside.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, where I will share a little background about this blog-shop.

This blog was set up by my husband (he takes care of the technical aspects of the site) and me to showcase our love for wall decor and home redesign.

Wall decor is fluid and allows us to tinker and make changes often, while we also spend lots of time improving our home decor whenever time and budget permit.

We can pick out one wall and turn it into a different setup in a matter of hours, which suits us perfectly since we are usually pretty busy with loads of other activities.

We also wanted to keep our home fresh, and upping our wall decor game helps us to scratch that itch.

I used to work at a home decor retail store for about 2 years, and that really inspired and motivated me to learn more about design and explore new ways to decorate our home and make it pretty!

It struck me most when I realized that there is so much you can do to plain old walls, transforming them into galleries where our families and friends can come to admire.

As I always say, a plain wall is a crime!

After my first child was born, I became a stay home mum for five years to care for my son full time, which gave me my first start at fiddling around with home and wall decor designs.

When he was sleeping, I would start trawling the net and magazines in search of new ideas, and I got inspired to create my own space to share all the tips and tricks we have picked up all these years.

I briefly mentioned that to my husband, and what do you know, we now have our own blog to cover as much as possible about the subject and motivate others to start their personal projects!

Since returning to the workforce, I now have more allowance to spend on cute ornaments and trinkets to spruce up our existing designs. Yay!

What I love too is that generally, these decorative pieces do not take up much space, and can be stored away easily in our basement.

In fact, they go right into a storage box and stay out of sight until we need them!

That means I can frequently replace, reuse and move things around without too much of a hassle! Surely that can work for you too.

Without turning this into an autobiography, here are a few other tidbits I would like to share:

  • Some of my favorite styles are Bohemian, Baroque, Rustic, Victorian, and French Country
  • We change our home and wall decor at least every half-yearly and add a little new stuff during festive periods such as Halloween and Christmas. It gives our home a new look and keeps it refreshed!
  • It’s a fun activity where I involve my children as well. They love decorating their bedroom wall!
  • My son loves to have an airplane clock on the wall while my daughter loves a wall canopy with Princess Ariel on it

They can be incredibly helpful when you need an opinion, or better yet, someone to agree to your plans! Haha! (Husband is always “yea okay, it’s nice”) but he can be the handyman. Hah!

These days, we also manage a number of rental properties for ourselves, our family, and a few friend-clients, which gives us an enormous opportunity to learn and improve on picking out the best furniture, solutions to common home issues, and be the best homeowner ever!

Join us as we decorate our home and hopefully, we can share useful ideas with you and inspire you to start your own design makeover too!

Please check out our blog, as well as head over to our shop where we curate some of our favorite wall decor and home furnishings. Lastly, do check out Wallccessories Exclusives, a section where you can find wall art that I created in my spare time.

You never know what surprises you will find there!