10 Favorite Anthropologie Wall Mirrors

I think it’s clear to see that the way we shop has changed drastically over the last decade, even more so in the last year due to the pandemic. With lots of retailers closing their physical businesses, we consumers have also got to adapt to the new ways.

While I do enjoy heading out once in a while to go to an actual store, these days shopping has become more of a couch affair for me. In fact, I can’t even visit one of my favorite stores, Pier 1, since they have switched to an online business exclusively.

Luckily, the playing field is extremely competitive, which is good news for us. Favorable conditions have been created so that we can shop without too much worry. Free shipping, friendly return policies, and low prices welcome us and our credit cards.

One such online store is Anthropologie, which I started noticing about 10 years ago. They had a store near where I lived and I was pleasantly surprised by the collection they had.

They were so different from the big box stores, but not like a hippie movement either. They knew the exact persona that would shop there and ensured their products fit their customers’ needs. You could easily tell who these customers were: Women who were young, independent, and affluent. Who was searching for home furnishing that had a story, that was unique and was creative.

Anthropologie ticked all the boxes, and more than 10 years later, I still find myself being drawn back to them.

In this post, I specifically want to cover my favorite Anthropologie wall mirrors, and I hope to keep the list as fresh as possible.

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The Best Anthropologie Wall Mirrors To Up Your Style

1. Gleaming Primrose Mirror

gleaming primrose wall mirror set showcase

One of the most popular mirrors from Anthropologie, this beautiful set of vintage mirrors will surely capture anyone’s attention. Intricate designs on its frame, particularly the apex, makes this a perfect piece to place near the entryway to welcome you home.

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2. Solana Rattan Wall Mirror

solana rattan wall mirror showcase

Bring a touch of nature into your home with this classy rattan mirror. It is perfect for rustic or similar style homes, and its handcrafted nature makes it a one-of-a-kind piece.

Learn more here.

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3. Jacobi Beveled Floor Mirror

jacobi beveled floor mirror

Whether you are looking for a large mirror that can make your room more spacious or one that helps you dress up, this beveled mirror will fit right in. A simple and elegant design that is made out of high quality fir wood.

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4. Aperture Portrait Art Deco Wall Mirror

aperture portrait wall mirror

Whichever way you look at it, this minimalist Art Deco-style mirror will add class and sophistication to your home. Combined with a pair of spotlight, it is the perfect mirror for entryways and bathrooms.

Learn more here.

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5. Adelaide Arch Standing Mirror

adelaide mirror 1

I love the organic look of arch mirrors and this beautiful model is a great way to accentuate a living space and reflect its best qualities.

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6. Wooded Manor Brass Wall Mirror

Finished in a brass frame and adorned with carved animals, this series is a great way to add details to an otherwise drab wall. There are 4 animals in the collection, but be sure to check them soon as they sell out fast!

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7. Quatrefoil Wall Mirror

Quatrefoil Rattan wall Mirror showcase

Odd shaped mirrors are excellent choices to add quirkiness to your home. This classic rattan mirror is designed to look like a four leaf clover, which symbolizes good luck.

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8. Sailor’s Mirror

sailors mirror

Most of us decorate our walls with traditional framed mirrors, but a hanging mirror like this adds a different layer to the overall design. Perfect for both modern homes and coastal themed homes, this is a knockout!

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9. Bree Wall Mirror with Shelf

Bree Wall Mirror with Shelf

Bathrooms are not exactly known for having a ton of space, and if you find yourself in such a situation, a hanging mirror with shelves is the perfect solution. Functional yet aesthetically pleasing, this piece will uplift your entire bathroom decor. Be sure to check out unique bathroom mirror ideas too!

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10. Panama Round Mirror

panama round wall mirror

The windswept look on this round mirror made with a coconut fiber fringe is one of my favorite mirrors from Anthropologie. If you have a home that emphasizes nature and beach themes, the choice is clear. Get this!

Learn more here.

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Which is your favorite mirror from Anthropologie?

By now, you would probably understand why lots of people are in love with their products, myself included.

They give me a sense of independence and sensitivity, and I know I can count on their products lasting a long long time.

While the prices are not what you will typically find, it is justified thanks to their unique designs and superior quality.

Don’t believe me? Just check out what people are saying on the product pages!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Anthropologie have sales?

The products on Anthropologie are super beautiful but they can cost a pretty penny. Knowing when there are discounts available will let you snag a lovely item for less!

The first place you can look at is on Anthropologie’s website. From time to time, they do have promotions going on which can be quite generous. Check out their current promotions here.

The second place to find discounts on Anthropologie products is to be an AnthroPerks member, which you can join for free (details in the section below). Being a member grants you access to special deals and prices before the general public, and not forgetting that you will receive 15% off during your birthday!

And lastly, in line with most other retailers, Anthropologie throws special discount events throughout the year. Think Mother’s Day, Summer Sale, Spring Sale, Memorial Day Sale, Christmas Day Sale, and many more.

I would highly recommend signing up for their newsletter (right at the bottom of the page) to keep yourself updated with all promotional campaigns they are running.

How much does shipping cost on Anthropologie?

The way shipping is calculated depends on the total purchase price. Here’s a breakdown:

anthropologie shipping rates

The above table shows standard shipping, which takes 4-8 business days to reach you. For express delivery with 2-3 business days, you can add $10, and for overnight shipping, typically 1-2 business days, add $15 instead.

Take note that if you are an AnthroPerk member (free to sign up), you enjoy free standard shipping for orders above $150.

You may also opt for self-collection of selected products, so do check out that option when adding items to your cart.

In-depth details can be found here.

Which countries does Anthropologie ship to?

Does Anthropologie ship to Australia (or insert your country here)? That is one common question that I hear since they are popular around the world!

Besides the United States, they do ship to overseas locations too! You should check out the entire list here.

Take note that there might be tariffs and extra fees involved.

Does Anthropologie accept returns and exchanges?

Yes, and their policy is pretty generous.

Return within 60 days and receive a full refund in your payment method, or receive store credits if you return after 60 days.

Of course, there are certain terms and conditions, but I would say that those are industry standards.

Exchanges are welcome too, with various options available.

More info here.

What is AnthroPerks?

It is a loyalty program by Anthropologie, and it is free to sign up!

Here are the cool benefits you stand to enjoy:

  • Free shipping for orders above $150
  • Early access to new products plus special discounts
  • A gift and discounts on your birthday

Details here.

What’s next?

Shopping at Anthropologie is incredibly rewarding, and they offer a lot more than just mirrors. Search for furniture, apparel, and beauty products all in one place!

If you are ready to explore, click HERE!

Alternatively, be sure to check out our articles about caring for mirrors, how to pick the right mirrors, and how to pack mirrors for moving.

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