6 Of The Best Half Patio Umbrellas To Keep You Shaded And Cool

In today’s post, let’s explore the best half patio umbrellas that can keep you and your family cool while you are out lounging.

They are a great option when you are short on space like on a balcony, or you want your relaxation area to be snuck in a corner of the patio where a half umbrella makes more sense than a full one.

Think of them like a portable awning that can give you shade in an instant.

Whichever your preference, this article will help you suss out the best half umbrella you can have in terms of material, price, and size.

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What are half umbrellas?

Half umbrellas, also sometimes called wall huggers, are designed to rest flush against a vertical surface such as a wall or pole, especially if you are using them on a portable half patio umbrella stand.

Compared to regular 4 foot patio umbrellas or large 16-foot ones, these tree huggers take up a lot less space!

This is especially true when you want to create an outdoor space somewhere that doesn’t have much space to work with because of its limited width and a sloping roof.

They are ideal for narrow courtyards, patios, gardens, decks, terraces, lanais, backyards, and porches of residential houses in crowded urban areas.

You are likely to find half umbrellas on restaurants and bars at the sidewalk (sometimes known as market umbrellas) where there is very little room to spare.

This is often where narrow streets become more cramped due to a higher density of people owning vehicles but not having anywhere else to park them except for these small strips of hard-to-find land.

People can sit back and enjoy their time with family and friends after having finished eating a meal hence the other name for them: umbrellas for dining.

Half umbrellas are smaller and squarer in shape than most other types of patio umbrellas.

If you need a solution for providing shade for a small backyard or patio, half umbrellas will be perfect as they can fold up to be placed flush against a wall where there is very little room between a house and the fence line.

Best Half Patio Umbrellas Review And Buying Guide

Find out in more detail about the half umbrellas that made this list of best half umbrellas. They come in different types shapes and sizes, features, as well as different budgets to suit most shoppers.

1. Pure Garden 50-145-T 9′ Half Round Patio Umbrella

This particular model from Pure Garden stands at 9′ tall, which is quite the standard height for most outdoor patio umbrellas.

I like that it is very well built and sturdy despite its budget-friendly price.

Thanks to its size and design, you can use this on your patio/backyard or even on a small balcony where space is more restrained.

This model operates with an easy-to-use auto crank that allows you to set it up or take it down really quickly.

Its pole and ribs are made of steel, ensuring long-lasting durability that is great for outdoor usage.

The shade itself is made of a 160g polyester canopy that is effective for both blocking out the rain and the sun, and also has a vent that allows for air to pass through.


  • Very well priced and affordable for most
  • Made of quality steel that is sturdy
  • Polyester canopy is both waterproof and shades the sun well
  • Choice of many different colors to suit your overall decor: blue, hunter green, red, sand, tan, terra cotta, brilliant blue, dusty green


  • The canopy is not made to be fade-proof
  • No tilting mechanism
  • Need to drill your own holes at the foot of the pole if you wish to attach to a base
  • Does not have a strap to tie up the umbrella when you are not using it

Canopy size: 52 inches (L) x 108 inches (W)

Pole dimensions: 92 inches (H) x 1.5 inches diameter

Weight: 10.33 pounds


Thanks for its friendly price, the Pure Garden half umbrella can be a great short term choice for your home.

It serves its purpose well without any bells and whistles, but do not expect that it will last you several summers.

2. FLAME&SHADE 9 ft Half Outdoor Patio and Table Umbrella with Tilt

This table umbrella from Flame&Shade is another budget friendly choice, and can be set up very quickly. The bonus is that you can make use of a push button to adjust its tilt for when the sun is shining at an angle. This gives you more shade where you need it, making this a very versatile half umbrella.

Size wise, it stands at a standard 9ft, and its canopy is large enough to provide cover for a party of 2. With a aluminium frame and steel ribs, the structure is strong and sturdy to withstand winds.

A common problem for low priced umbrellas is that the ribs tend to damage the canopy after prolonged use, but for this particular model, the ribs pockets are double stitched to ensure longevity.

At the top of the 200gsm waterproof canopy, you will find a vent that allows for better air circulation, while still keeping you dry.

However, take note that the base is not included, so if you need one, you will have to purchase it separately.


  • Budget friendly option
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors: Navy blue, aqua blue, beige, ivory, anthracite, red, taupe, green, royal
  • Comes with strap to tie the umbrella for storage
  • Can even dampen sounds from outside apartment
  • Protects very well against the sun and rain


  • Tilt is only from side to side, not to the front
  • Does not come with base plate
  • Canopy is not fade-proof

Canopy size: 55 inches (L) X 106 inches (W)

Pole dimensions: 93 inches (H) X 1.5 inches diameter

Weight: 9.04 pounds


Another well made half umbrella for the non fussy shopper. This model combines a great price with quality material that can last a long time, except for the canopy which might require replacement after prolonged exposure to the elements. I would recommend choosing beige as the fading will not be too obvious.

3. COBANA 7.5’ by 4’ Half Rectangular Outdoor Patio Umbrella for Patio, Balcony, Garden, Deck, Beige

Cobana is a reliable and popular brand for patio umbrellas, and it is no surprise that they have made a quality half umbrella in this iteration.

Featuring a rectangular shade that provides all around good coverage, it is supported by a high grade steel pole with steel ribs for great support. I like that the metals are coated with rust resistant powder that can prolong the lifespan of this umbrella too.

Operating this umbrella is a breeze too, with a simple to use crank system that opens it up quickly and effortlessly. You are able to lock it with a small pin that serves as a safety feature.

For the 180g polyester canopy, it is made of water resistant fabric that is light but good enough to protect you from the sun and rain. Something that stands out here is the use of fade resistant material, which gives you up to 500 hours (most competitors at this price range does not have this).

The only thing is that it does not come with a base, which needs to be purchased separately.


  • Unique design of the canopy allows it be to placed flushed against all kinds of surfaces
  • Weatherproof canopy that does not fade easily ensures you can use it for multiple seasons
  • Good and solid construction of the frame and ribs
  • Choice of 5 different colors: beige, blue, cream white, dark red, lime green!


  • Can be slightly wobbly if used without the accompanying base
  • Packaging could be better

Canopy size: 4.5ft (L) X 7.5ft (W)

Pole dimensions: 98 inches (H) X 1.5 inches diameter

Weight: 13.57 pounds


One tip when using this umbrella is to open it up upside down. This ensures that it opens properly and locks in place. Besides this lack of instruction, this half umbrella is well built and is certainly value for money. It does cost slightly more than the entry level ones, but the quality makes up for it.

4. Blue Star Group Off-The-Wall Brella Sunbrella Half Umbrella, 9′-Width

I would describe Blue Star Group as the Mercedes of umbrella makers. They always produce high quality and innovative products that are perfect for all kinds of homes.

When you take ownership of this bad boy, you will notice the difference between this and other models out there. The quality is top notch and is made of the best material.

This ensures that the half umbrella can lasts for a long time and withstand what nature throws at it.

Check out the canopy. The thick polyester fabric provides UV protection on top of being able to block out the sun and rain very well. They are fade resistant for many years before you even need to consider changing it out.

The entire structure is made out of strong aluminium, including the ribs. It is easy to operate and some home owners have actually used it to replace blinds to block out sunlight! Not only that, it is specially coated with anti rust powder so you do not have to worry about leaving it outside.


  • Most users have reported that it does not fade even after years of using it
  • Provides ample shade and cover despite being a half umbrella
  • Ability to purchase replacement canopy from the manufacturer
  • One of the highest quality patio umbrella in the market
  • Outstanding customer service and support
  • Stands up well against high winds
  • Many beautiful colors to choose from: antique beige, forest green, teak, walnut, yellow


  • Higher priced than most
  • Cannot be tilted
  • Need to purchase the base separately if you need one

Canopy size: 54″ (L) X 106″ (W)

Pole dimensions: 99 inches X 1.5 inches diameter

Weight: 12 pounds


Blue Star Group umbrellas are the cream of the crop.

Although you might have to shell out more, it is an excellent investment that lasts longer than most other brands.

The number of satisfied customers and reviews are also a testament to the quality of their product.

I highly recommend this as the best patio half umbrella!

5. FLAME&SHADE 9 ft Solar LED Light Half Outdoor Umbrella Patio Table and Market Umbrella with Push Button Tilt

Another model from Flame&Shade makes our list of the best patio half umbrellas, thanks to its smart design and inclusion of solar powered LED lights. Perfect for hanging out in the backyard for those relaxing nights!

The lights are lined along the ribs, providing a subtle but bright enough illumination while chilling out in the evenings. In fact, they add a really romantic vibe to the setting.

These lights are solar powered by a rechargeable battery and you have easy access to an on/off switch to turn the lights on when you need it.

Structure wise, it is similar to the model discussed above, with strong aluminum frame, steel ribs, and a coating of anti-rust powder.

All in all, a decent half umbrella with lights, something not that common in other models.


  • Provides lighting to your party when you are outside (in the hot tub!) during the evenings and late nights
  • LED lights are energy efficient, and in this case, you don’t even need an external source of power since it is solar powered (can use regular batteries too)
  • LED lights are also cooler, which means it will not damage the canopy
  • Double stitched top air vent for better circulation
  • Wide range of colors: Navy blue, aqua blue, beige, ivory, anthracite, taupe
  • Ability to tilt to other angles


  • Need to purchase base separately
  • Canopy is not fade resistant
  • Not able to withstand strong winds
  • Depending on your needs, the lights are not really bright enough for activities like reading

Canopy size: 55 inches X 106 inches

Pole dimensions: 94 inches X 1.5 inches diameter

Weight: 10 pounds


I would definitely consider using this if I wanted to have a lighted area.

It gives me the flexibility to use them as mood lighting, so I think that’s great.

Quality wise, they are pretty decent but do not expect them to last more than a couple of seasons.

6. Patio Half Umbrellas 11FT by ABCCANOPY

Most of the time, people are buying half umbrellas due to a lack of space, or to fit flush with the walls. Typically, the canopy extends out to about 55 inches, which might be deemed insufficient for some home owners whose patio might be more exposed to the sun.

Whichever reason you have, this particular half umbrella model from ABCCANOPY is designed to give you more shade, as it stretches out to 64 inches. That is the key selling point of this model.

I like that they have employed a bronze steel pole that is anti rust, and the crank system is super easy to operate. The steel ribs are high quality and ensures an overall sturdiness to this umbrella.

The material of the canopy is waterproof as you might expect, and it shades you from the sun pretty well as it is thicker than most competitors’ umbrellas.


  • Larger canopy provides more shade to users
  • Good quality material used to construct the frame and canopy
  • Canopy is more fade resistant than competitors at this price point
  • Nice choice of colors: Blue, burgundy, khaki, orange, turquoise, light gray


  • No strap to tie the umbrella together for storage
  • Does not come with base; need to purchase it separately
  • No tilting feature

Canopy size: 64 inches (L) X 106.3 inches (W)

Pole dimensions: 92.5 inches X 1.5 inches diameter

Weight: 10.28 pounds


At this price point, I really like this half umbrella as it offers more shade over its competitors.

Quality wise, it is similar to the others. It is a great addition to your patio for at least a few seasons.

The abundance of positive reviews also speak to the satisfaction of the buyers.

How to choose a patio half umbrella?

The next time you are out shopping for a half umbrella (or you can choose one from above!), consider the following factors in order to make the best buying decision:

Size: before you even start looking, be sure to measure out the size available to place an umbrella. What is the top limit as well as the floor space required. Most umbrellas range from 7ft to 11ft, so be sure to pay attention to that number.

Check out this patio umbrella size chart for better understanding:

octagonal rectangle square patio umbrella size chart

Material of the frame: manufacturers make use of a variety of material to construct the frame such as wood, metal, and even plastics (not recommended for outdoor). For entry level umbrellas, expect at least the use of steel or aluminum to ensure sturdiness. They are lightweight and are often coated with anti rust power. In high end models, you often see the use of fiberglass.

Canopy material: Most umbrella canopies are made with a blend of polyester, which is good enough to protect against rain and sun. For the higher end models, look out for Sunbrella acrylic or Olefin.

Features: You will want to have an umbrella that is easy to operate. Look out for crank mechanisms that ensure ease of use when opening and closing the umbrella and any additional safety features. Some home owners would like to have a tilting function so that they can adjust the angle of the shade too.

How to choose an umbrella stand/base?

As you might have noticed, many of the merchants do not include an umbrella base with the umbrella.

They probably assume that people have solutions for it or they simply wish to up-sell it to you.

Anyways, you are likely going to need one, unless your table has a hole designed for umbrellas or you have some other heavy weights that can do the job.

So how do you choose one?

Well, of course you can simply purchase from the manufacturer.

But, if you wish to get your own, there are a few key factors to pay attention to, namely its mobility and its weight.

First, determine if you are going to move the umbrella around the backyard or patio.

You will need to have a mobile base if you intend to.

The good thing is that they are heavy enough, and many comes with wheels that ensure easy movement.

There are several material to choose from such as stone or metal, and that is really down to individual preferences.

If you do not foresee moving it around, you can consider a fixed base.

This type of base is more commonly used in commercial space rather than in residences, and you will need a professional installer.

Secondly, you will need a base that is heavy enough to hold the umbrella when the wind hits.

I recommend that you use a weight measurement of 10 pounds per foot of umbrella.

In most cases, you will be working with a 9ft umbrella, so I would suggest using a 90-100 pounds base.

Tips for caring for your patio half umbrella

In order to maximize the usability and lifespan of your umbrella, I recommend the following tips:

  • Keep your umbrella closed during heavy rains or storms. Most umbrellas are not designed to withstand such forces and will suffer from damage if they are not kept away.
  • Invest in a cover that can protect the umbrella when it is not in use. Always make sure that the umbrella is dry before storing it to prevent any algae or moss from forming.
  • Lastly, try your best to keep the umbrella dirt free. Although it will be tough considering that it is outdoors, you can brush off any dirt that is on the surface or if possible, remove the canopy to give it a good wash.

In Conclusion

Having a half umbrella is a great option when you have limited space or when you want it to be flushed against a wall.

They can effectively block out light rain as well as the searing sun, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is not ideal.

The umbrellas listed here are fantastic additions to any home, and you can find more patio umbrellas here, or consider investing in more solid structures such as gazebos or pergolas.

We have a wide range of outdoor furniture that you can check out, so don’t miss them!

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