Is Ethan Allen Furniture Good Quality? [Reviewed]

Let’s face it, we all want to know that our furniture is going to last.

We want to be able to just get a few years out of it ourselves before moving on to something new or even passing it on to our kids.

But how can you tell if the furniture you’re buying is going to be worth your money?

If you’re in the market for new furniture, you’ve probably heard of the independent furniture store Ethan Allen.

The name is pretty ubiquitous, and it’s hard to miss their iconic catalog.

So what exactly makes them so popular? Is Ethan Allen furniture good quality?

Let’s find out more in this Ethan Allen furniture review.

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Who Owns Ethan Allen Furniture?

Ethan Allen Furniture was founded by Nat Ancell and Ted Baumritter in 1939. 

The pair displayed their first work, including a 28-piece line of English-style furniture, at the Chicago Housewares Show.

The name was chosen to pay tribute to an American soldier and hero, Ethan Allen.

How Long Has Ethan Allen Furniture Been in Business?

Ethan Allen has been in business since 1939.

However, the company’s name was only made official in 1969.

The current CEO and president of the company is Farooq Kathwari.

What Style is Ethan Allen Furniture?

Ethan Allen furniture has been around for over 80 years, and during that time it’s developed a bit of a reputation as an American classic.

The company offers furniture in a variety of styles, but they’re most known for its commitment to Modern, Classical, Country, and Coastal styles.

In case you’re not familiar with Ethan Allen, let’s break down the different styles of furniture they offer:

Modern: Modern styling is all about clean lines and minimalism. It’s also usually made out of high-quality materials like leather or metal rather than wood.

Classical: Classical styling tends to be more ornate than modern pieces—think fancy carvings or lots of ornate details like carved legs on your tables or chairs.

Country: Country style is all about comfort and coziness—it’s the kind of thing you want in your living room after a long day at work.

Coastal: Coastal style is another option if you’re looking for something simple and rustic, but still modern and comfortable enough to enjoy in your home today.

What Kind of Furniture Does Ethan Allen Make? 

The company makes millions of items each year.

One can expect to find the following items under the company’s banner:

  • Home Office

You can readily turn your home into an office with home office items like office desks, office chairs, single and double bookcases with glass doors, storage desks, storage cabinets, and three-drawer chests.

  • Dining Room

For the dining area, you will find a variety of dining tables, chairs, bar stools, counter stools, wine cabinets, buffets, and sideboards.

  • Living Room

You can get ottomans, consoles, leather chairs, love seats, fabric sectionals, recliners, accent chairs, and wooden tables.

  • Bedroom Collection

You can make your bedroom more cozy and classical with their wooden and metal upholstered beds and headboards, chests, dressers, night tables, and mirrors.

  • Outdoor

For your outdoor settings, you will find fire tables, dining side chairs, dining armchairs, dining tables, lounge sofa, lounge chairs, and other outdoor accessories that will enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

  • Other Furnishing Items

You can expect the company to provide you with top-notch mattresses, metallic bed frames, wooden bed frames, and bed bases for single and double beds. 

Where is Ethan Allen Furniture Manufactured?

All the items delivered by the company are manufactured in its home base – the USA.

75% of its items are fabricated and shaped in Vermont’s workshops, with a select few products being outsourced.

You might be pleased to know that they have a strong commitment to producing the majority of their furniture in the United States, and in fact, many of their pieces are still handcrafted by experts locally.

Is Ethan Allen Furniture Good Quality?

is Ethan Allen Furniture good quality

A big YES! 

The company makes thousands of products in different assortments and designs to perfectly match your class, and I have had the good fortune of owning a few such pieces.

Ethan Allen’s coffee table is one of my best purchases.

Last weekend, my husband’s friend stepped in to have a cup of tea with us.

I don’t know if it is something I should feel happy about or not, but he liked the coffee table way more than the tea and cakes I offered him.

My experience with the company has been mostly positive, although I did encounter a small hiccup with a dressing table.

Overall, the dressing table is both classy and resilient, but the drawers are slightly too stiff to open. Whenever I open the drawers to pick out my foundations, they make noise that is somewhat annoying to hear.

It was easily fixed by some good old grease though.

My experience with the drawers is not such a great one, and for that reason, I can only give it 4.5 stars!

Ethan Allen Furniture Materials and Design

One of the best things about Ethan Allen Furniture is that many of its products are hand-made.

Being bibliophiles, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Ethan Allen’s bookcases.

We ordered Callum Single Bookcase a few months back, and we are pretty much satisfied with our purchase.

The bookcase has enough space to keep our books organized, and I enjoy the fact that I can easily admire my collection through the glass door. 

The color of the bookcase blended into the background pretty well.

It is the only thing we have been worried about since day one as we are very particular about cohesiveness and can’t stand having furniture that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Ethan Allen’s china cabinet is the reason I love the left corner of my dining room. 

The hand-finished grey china cabinets I bought soon after I got into my new house fit nicely into the assigned corner.

Initially, I was not willing to purchase it because they occupy so much space.

But soon after, my mother told me about their cabinets, and I decided to give them a try; needless to say, I don’t regret my decision.

The cabinet matches well with the dining table we bought a month ago. 

Ethan Allen Furniture Ordering and Delivery Process

The ordering and delivery process was pretty simple.

I just made a free account on their website, added the items to my cart, filled up my general details, and completed the checkout process.

The days and charges of delivery depend on the number of items you order and the distance from where items are supposed to be transported.

Also, the company offers various methods of dispatching items.

We bought our items using their ‘Premier In-Home Delivery’ service which was excellent.

All the items reached my doorstep within 4 days in tip-top condition.

Ethan Allen Furniture Product Warranty and Customer Service

Ethan Allen provides a warranty for all its products, ranging from 1 to 20 years. More details can be found here.

The customer service center is pretty solid, and you can reach it easily by phone during regular business hours.

Although I did not have much interaction with them (just a couple of phone calls to figure out some stuff), I felt that they were really professional and managed to answer my questions quickly.

Ethan Allen Furniture Return and Exchange Policy

The return and exchange policy is pretty standard and in line with industry practices.

You have up to 30 days to initiate the return process, during which you would have to pack the item back into its original packaging.

Shipping charges will not be refunded though, so do take note of that.

If you have purchased a custom-made piece or a mattress, these items cannot be returned at all.

You will receive a refund back to your credit card if the returns are accepted by the company (still in new condition).

Ethan Allen Furniture Pricing

The price range of furniture is extremely wide, so what we have done is classify them as entry-level, mid-range, and luxury.

In the case of Ethan Allen furniture pricing, we would consider them to be mid-range.

Here are a few pricing samples:

  • 80″ sofa – from $2,000
  • Coffee table – from $1,000
  • Bed – from $1,200

Ethan Allen Upholstery Fabric

Did you know that you can also shop for the uncommonly luxurious upholstery fabric that is synonymous with Ethan Allen?

They sell them by the yard and you can make your selection here.

Where to Buy Ethan Allen Furniture?

The company directly sells furniture to customers, so you can buy directly on their website.

Alternatively, you may also visit one of their 300 stores and showrooms (use this store locator).

How to Contact Ethan Allen Furniture? 

The company can be contacted in either of the following ways;

By phone


Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 4:45 pm EST

By email

Visit the Ethan Allen design center

For one-on-one meetings, you can visit their design centers on weekdays.

Centers are free to visit and are located all over the USA.

Ethan Allen Furniture Alternatives

If you are shopping for furniture in a similar price range, here are a few alternatives you can consider. You can also click through to read our review!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Ethan Allen Furniture Made in China?

No! It is made in the USA. Wooden products are made in the workshops of Vermont. 7 manufacturing plants are working in the USA, and 2 are working in Mexico. Some items are also manufactured in other parts of North America.

Is Ethan Furniture Still Being Made?

Yes! The company has been making furniture since 1939 and is continuing to do so today, with over 300 stores worldwide and an online presence too.

What Kind of Wood is Ethan Allen Furniture Made of?

The company makes furniture from thick maple, dovetail joinery, and cherry wood.

Why is Ethan Allen Furniture so Expensive?

Ethan Allen furniture is expensive because it’s made of the best materials, and it’s made by people who care about their craft. A lot of Ethan Allen furniture is handcrafted, and that takes a lot of time and money to produce. Their products are designed to last generations, hence the higher-than-average price tag.

Does Ethan Allen Reupholster Their Furniture?

In general, Ethan Allen does not offer the service of reupholstering their furniture, although some locations might. It is best to check with your local design center if this service is provided.

Is Ethan Allen Furniture Valuable?

Yes, Ethan Allen Furniture has a good resale value thanks to its high-quality build and good reputation in the industry. If you have maintained your furniture in good condition, they can possibly fetch high prices in the resale market.

In Conclusion: Ethan Allen Furniture Review

In the end, Ethan Allen is a brand that I can recommend without hesitation.

They offer quality furniture at competitive prices, and their customer service is top-notch.

I hope that you have found this review helpful in making your decision about whether or not to shop with Ethan Allen Furniture.

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