Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor is the Chief Editor at Wallccessories and writes regularly about topics surrounding home decor. Her family has moved several times over the years due to her husband's job requirements, and thanks to that, she has had many opportunities to dabble in designing and decorating real cozy homes.

Free Wall Art Printables

free wall art printables featured image

I’m a sucker for wall art. I’m of the opinion that wall art is the single best and cheapest way to spice up your wall and turn an otherwise drab surface into something that reflects my interests and personality. Decorating…

70+ Best Modern Wall Clocks

best modern wall clocks featured image

There are so many ways for people to decorate and design their homes, from rustic farmhouse style to simple Scandinavian interiors, the limit is your imagination. However, there are 2 styles that are often confused and people often use them…

30+ Best Rope Clocks

best rope clocks featured image

Most commonly, rope clocks are seen around houses that have a nautical or beach theme, where the natural material of the rope blends in well with the other furniture. It is also rather common to find them in rustic wall…

Best Wicker Wall Mirrors

best wicker wall mirrors collection featured image

I was actually hesitating when I started this post, as I wasn’t sure if there were really enough unique wicker wall mirror designs out there to make this complete. But I figured that some of you might want to get…

200+ Best Large Wall Mirrors

best large wall mirrors featured image

It is not uncommon to find regular sized wall mirrors all across households, as they tend to fit in well with the design and especially the space afforded. I absolutely adore using odd-shaped, mosaic, or brass mirrors as wall decor,…

Christmas Wall Decor

christmas wall decor
I love Christmas. The song put it best: it’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the snowy landscape as the background, transform your home with the most beautiful Christmas wall decor! Bring out the stockings, Christmas tree and put up an amazing array of wall accents. Check out the post for instant inspiration!

Traditional Wall Decor

traditional wall decor featured image
Living in a traditional home is really soothing and calming. The dark wood and neutral tones create a peaceful environment to rest and relax. Upgrade your home now with new traditional wall decor and impress your family and guests! Pick up a few nice pieces of wall art, wall mirrors and wall accents right now!

Halloween Wall Decor

halloween home decor featured image
Want a spooky Halloween? Then you just decorate your home to get the right mood. Find out the craziest and scariest Halloween wall decor to decorate your home! Be it skulls, skeletons, spiders, bats or mummies, you are sure to find the right wall decor for Halloween!

Scandinavian Wall Decor

scandinavian wall decor featured image
Check out beautiful Scandinavian wall decor - styles, ideas and more! Use this as your guide to create a wonderful wall decor masterpiece in your home right now! Check out the most beautiful wall accents, wall accessories and all kinds of wall decor to decorate your home now!
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