Anthropologie Furniture Review: Designer quality without the price tag

Anthropologie is a furniture company that specializes in gorgeous, bohemian chic furniture that is soft, delicate, and classic looking.

I think it’s fair to say many of us ladies are obsessed with what they offer: each time I scroll on Pinterest, it seems that the pictures that always catch my eye are from them.

They offer a wide variety of furniture for all rooms in your house and a few outdoor options too. If you’re looking for unique pieces with a lot of personalities, Anthropologie has everything you need to make your home look like it was ripped out of the pages of an interior design magazine.

You can buy Anthropologie items online or in one of their brick-and-mortar stores all over the world. Most items ship free if you spend $150, and shipping is also free if you purchase an item from their outlet section.

In this Anthropologie furniture review, I will share a bit more about this highly sought-after brand and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about them.

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What kind of furniture does Anthropologie offer?

Anthropologie offers furniture for just about every room in the house.

Here’s an overview:

armchairsbar stools
dining chairs and tablescoffee tables
side tablesbeds (including headboards)
desks and office chairsdressers and bureaus (including nightstands)
bookcases and shelving unitsoutdoor furniture like garden stools and benches

The vast majority of their offerings have a bohemian or mid-century modern vibe.

In addition to the many kinds of furniture they offer, Anthropologie also sells bedding sets—comforters/quilts + shams—in full/queen and king sizes; rugs in various materials including chenille jute; wall decor like tapestries and art prints; mirrors and mirror frames; curtains (in lengths of 84” or 96”); curtain rods; throw pillows; decorative baskets and jars; clocks including wall clocks and alarm clocks; lamps including table lamps (sometimes with a USB charging port) as well as floor lamps with shelves attached at the base for extra storage space or display space for your favorite books or plants.

You really do get the whole nine yards!


What is the quality of Anthropologie furniture?

People often associate Anthropologie products with a high price tag due to their quality and beautiful aesthetic, but they are one of the better-priced furniture companies out there.

In fact, it’s cheaper than many of the big brands out there. For example, you can get the beautiful Meriwether sofa for just $1698 or the Ingram Six-Drawer Dresser for $1498.

These 2 pieces represent tremendous value for money thanks to their exceptional quality as well as durability.

Anthropologie’s quality far surpasses pretty much all big box retail stores and online-only sellers like Amazon or Target.

The quality of their products is so good that you can trust that they will last for years and stand up to any wear and tear that you put on them in your home for all those years.

Although these pieces do have a slightly higher price tag than mass-market retailers, you are paying for top-notch furniture from designers who have studied at prestigious design schools across the country (and the world).

This makes Anthropologie furniture a great investment piece for your home if you’re looking for something truly unique.

At the end of the day, you should be choosing Anthropologie for their look and not just strictly on price alone.

What are their standout designs?

I think this is a matter of personal taste, but I wanted to share a few of the pieces of furniture that really stands out to me.

They work great in both boho chic and modern mid-century settings, but you should not let yourself be boxed in by these choices.

Let your imagination and creativity get to work!

Mina Two Cushion Sofa

mina two cushion sofa
Click on the image to learn more

Daybreak Cabinet

daybreak cabinet from anthropologie
Click on the image to learn more

Leather Cove Canopy Bed

leather cove canopy bed from anthropologie furniture
Click on the image to learn more


What kind of brand is Anthropologie?

Anthropologie is an American brand that focuses on making beautiful and unique products for creative-minded women.

Not only does Anthropologie offer home furniture, but they are also big on other lifestyle aspects too including clothing, jewelry and accessories, shoes, beauty and wellness, and wedding-related products.

What’s really special about them is that they set their own style, rather than mimicking trends just like what many other brands do.

If you want a brand that has its own unique identity or reflects your own, Anthropologie is a great one to consider.

Does Anthropologie make their own furniture?

I think it is quite difficult to find out where exactly a company makes their furniture or gets their furniture from.

Most of these are private companies that do not need to be as transparent as a listed company.

For Anthropologie, it is a mix of manufacturing some of their products in the USA and importing from overseas locations such as Europe and Asia.

What are the shipping costs like?

Many people are worried about shipping costs when it comes to buying furniture online.

First, there is always the impression that it will cost a lot since they are delivering large items.

The second issue is commonly related to return policies.

What if the item breaks or is damaged?

What is your recourse?

The cool thing is that Anthropologie does have pretty good shipping and delivery policy.

The only potential stumbling block is perhaps the cost of shipping.

If you buy a piece of furniture from Anthropologie, you will have to pay for Unlimited Furniture Delivery which costs $149.

If you are buying a piece of furniture that does not cost much, the shipping cost might seem prohibitive.

You will have to work out if it’s worth the cost when you do your shopping.

To me, it can a bit expensive, but considering that you have free returns within 30 days, and delivery to a room of your choice, it’s not that bad.

More so if you are buying a few items at a go.

That said, some of the smaller items under the furniture section come with free shipping if you are an AnthroPerk member.

You will be able to know if it qualifies under the Shipping and Delivery section on the product page.

Look out for Free Ship $50+ for AnthroPerks in the description.

Where to find Anthropologie stores?

At this time of writing, Anthropologie has 245 stores in the United States.

You can also find them in selected locations in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Take note though that you will not be able to shop all the items Anthropologie carries in all stores.

The best place to do that is through their online store.

Is Anthropologie owned by Urban Outfitters?

Anthropologie is a company that is a part of URBN, a portfolio of global consumer brands comprised of Urban Outfitters, Free People, BHLDN, Terrain, Menus & Venues, and Nuuly.

Is Anthropologie French?

How the company got its name is due to the owner’s area of expertise.

Dick Hayne, the chairman and president of the parent company URBN, was an anthropology major in college and named the company after it.

He decided to use Anthropologie instead to give it a French twist.

Who are Anthropologie’s competitors? Alternatives to Anthropologie

You know, it’s really tough to say who their direct competitors are as Anthropologie are trendsetters themselves.

But if you were really to drill down to a few closest alternatives, I would name Made Trade and Apt2B as worthy ones.

They have a commitment to either sustainability or offering a unique style for the discerning shopper.

In conclusion: Anthropologie furniture review

I personally love the look that Anthropologie achieves. Their products make beautiful homes, period.

If you were to compare them with designer brands, they actually seem like a massive bargain!

So if you are someone who wants to decorate your place with something that stands out without the huge price tags, Anthropologie is a great spot to do your shopping.

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