Ashley Furniture Review: All Questions Answered

I think many of us are quite familiar with the household name Ashley Furniture. They have over 1,000 stores across the world, and just in the US alone, they operate around 1,200 stores.

And in this Ashley Furniture review, I wanted to share a bit more about them and if it is worth your time to shop there.

I will try to cover as many aspects of this giant of a retailer so that you can make the best buying decision!

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Ashley Furniture Review

Ashley Furniture has over 700 retail locations in the United States and you can check out on their website where is the nearest store to your location.

The business was founded in 1997 and is now owned by father and son Ron and Todd Wanek.

Ashley Furniture has a wide selection of home furniture, including sofas, loveseats, chairs, tables, and more. They sell furniture for every room in the house, including dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

As you read on, I will first share the key concerns about shopping at Ashley such as the quality, pricing, and shipping policies.

Beyond that, I will dive into some commonly asked questions that might be of interest to you too.

Is Ashley Furniture good quality?

Ashley furniture is a popular brand of furniture that’s been around for decades.

They’re known for their budget-friendly prices, which is why many people choose to buy from them.

However, some people have wondered if the quality of Ashley furniture is on par with other brands such as Crate and Barrel or Restoration Hardware.

I personally do not think so due to the materials that they use, which are often of a lower grade than established brands.

I would rate Ashley Furniture as an entry-level product, somewhat in the same class as Nathan James furniture.

Is Ashley Furniture good quality? What are some products you should consider?

I would rate Ashley Furniture’s quality as basic and functional.

The brand is catering to budget-conscious shoppers but has managed to do a good job balancing cost with the types of materials used.

Most commonly, you would see engineered wood being used for wood furniture and regular polyester for fabric such as sofa covers.

These are all low-cost materials, and while they do perform their job well, you should not expect a high level of durability and comfort.

Just to add on, they have a range that was designed in-house known as Signature Design by Ashley which you could check out too.

I don’t really see a big difference from their regular range but maybe you might find something that interests you.

Simply use the filter option on the left and check “Signature Design by Ashley” under “Brand”.

Now, when it comes to choices, Ashley Furniture sells a ton of products both in their physical and online stores.

That makes the shopping process pretty difficult when there are so many choices.

Here, I will share some of the items that are popular, well-reviewed, and generally received good ratings.

1. Sofas

abinger sofa from ashley furniture
Abinger sofa

If I had to guess, I would say that sofas are likely the most popular products on Ashley furniture.

There are hundreds and thousands of reviews that you can read through, and I see quite a lot of positive ones.

If you prefer classic styles without any bells or whistles then Ashley Furniture has plenty of traditional sofas to choose from.

Many of them come in different colors and are fitted with polyester upholstery.

Most of the sofa frames are made with faux wood, which kind of puts me off.

But of course, someone on a tighter budget would certainly appreciate their collection.

For the price range, I would rate Ashley Furniture sofas a pretty good buy.

Here are a few more of my picks. Click to learn more about them.

Enderlin Sofa
Enderlin Sofa
Ballinasloe 3-Piece Sectional with Chaise
Ballinasloe 3-Piece Sectional with Chaise

2. Coffee tables

Wystfield Coffee Table with Lift Top
Wystfield Coffee Table with Lift Top

Browsing through the coffee tables section of Ashley Furniture seems to take you to a farmhouse.

That seems to be the main theme they offer, but I do find a few other designs that are traditional and modern.

So if you want a bit of variety to choose from, the coffee table selection here is pretty good.

The same story appears here again in that most of the tables are made of engineered wood.

If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of quality for a reasonably priced coffee table with a nice design, you should really check out this section.

Here are a couple more of my picks. Click to learn more about them.

Havalance Coffee Table
Havalance Coffee Table
Stanah Coffee Table with Lift Top
Stanah Coffee Table with Lift Top

Ashley Furniture pricing

If you have been to an Ashley Furniture store, you will know that the pricing looks pretty attractive.

I mean, getting a 2-seater sofa for $400? That is a pretty good price.

But of course, if you dug deeper, you will not be able to compare with some other brands that focus more on quality rather than pricing.

Most products are quite low priced, but you have to be careful and read the description of the products clearly.

For example, if you see a sofa that costs considerably more than other models, try to find out why.

Are they using solid wood for the frame? Is the upholstery from a different supplier? What justifies the difference in price?

I personally think that their main competitor is someone like Ikea. Although some say that Wayfair is one too, I don’t really agree, coming from someone who has owned more than 2 dozen items from Wayfair.

Wayfair is superior in terms of product quality, especially their in-house brands such as Gracie Oaks, Mercury Row, Andover Mills, Kelly Clarkson Home, Three Posts, and more.

Ashley Furniture shipping and refunds

When it comes to shopping online, delivery and refund options are a bit deal to me.

If the policy is good, it makes it a lot easier to pull the trigger and purchase something from an online store.

So, does Ashley Furniture have a good policy?

When it comes to shipping options, they offer free ground shipping on all their products and they tend to ship within 24-48 hours.

This covers all 50 US states. They do not ship internationally right now but they do have a presence in many other countries.

Check it here.

They also offer No-Hassle Delivery + Assembly or Doorstep Delivery for some products which you can schedule the delivery date and time.

Tracking is provided for all orders.

When it comes to returns for online shopping, you can get up to 30 days to do so, but as usual, you will need to pay shipping and handling fees.

I’m not a particularly big fan of this policy but it’s pretty standard.

Check out all the details here.

What I Like

  • Large selection. Their website is full of furniture options that you can use to create the exact look and feel in your home that you want.
  • Online chat and free phone calls. If you have any questions or concerns while shopping, they have a live chat service where a representative will answer your questions right away. You can also call them at 866-436-3393 for help with anything from placing an order to requesting advice on how best to decorate a room in your house.
  • Reasonable prices. Across most of their products, you can expect to find some great deals at very reasonable prices.

What I don’t like

  • Staff. I cannot say that they have well-trained staff despite being such a big and established company. The standard of service you get is mixed at best.
  • Quality. The quality of their products is not exactly what I would call high quality. It seems that the purchasing team has different rules as to what to sell. Sometimes you get a great product but the very next minute you would probably come across something that makes you scratch your head.
  • Pricing. Although I mentioned that they have reasonable prices, there are some products that are strangely marked up way too much. Again, their internal team seems to operate at different wavelengths.

Ashley Furniture Alternatives

Need more options? There are a few other online retailers that I think have done an excellent job balancing beautiful designs, and high-quality products, all at a good price.

These are also places that I frequent (I personally do not shop much at Ashley’s).

Be sure to check them out too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ashley Furniture real wood?

As you go about searching for the next table or bed for your home, one common question that comes up is likely to do with the wood that is used.

Do the manufacturers use real wood? Or are they made using particle boards and MDF wood?

At Ashley Furniture, you will find a mix of both, but I would say that you will mostly be seeing engineered wood (MDF).

Although engineered wood can be of decent quality, you should not expect them to last as long as a piece of furniture made of real solid wood.

That likely explains the price you see at Ashley too.

Can you negotiate furniture prices at Ashley?

No, you cannot negotiate prices at Ashley. They often have markdowns though where you can get your hands on even lower-priced items.

You can also consider signing up for their mailing list where you might get the occasional coupon or discount code.

Is Ashley Furniture Made in the USA? Is Ashley Furniture Made in China?

Ashley Furniture makes more than half of its products right here in the United States, and the rest are manufactured mainly in factories in China and Vietnam.

They also have sourcing teams located around the world in locations such as India, Vietnam, Southern China, Muar, and Taiwan.

Is Ashley HomeStore the same as Ashley Furniture?

The 2 names have been used interchangeably but there is a slight difference.

To be exact, the stores are known as Ashley HomeStore, and still known as Ashley Furniture HomeStore in some places, and the products they carry are known as Ashley Furniture.

Does Value City own Ashley Furniture?

No. Ashley Furniture is fully owned by Ashley Furniture Industries, their parent company that is now run by Ron and Todd Wanek.

Is Signature Design by Ashley the same as Ashley Furniture?

No, Signature Design by Ashley is a brand created by the company that features its own in-house designers. This brand has been wildly successful since its launch in 2005, but I personally do not see a major difference from its regular product offerings.

Is Ashley Furniture real leather?

No, they do not use real leather. Most of the “leather” products are using some form of synthetic leather or faux leather, which is significantly different from the real thing. In fact, you can see on the product filters that they only offer “leather match” and “leather material”. All this can be quite misleading, even in the product description itself. You should just expect that none of them are actually real leather made from animals.

Is Ashley Furniture better than Ikea?

This is quite subjective, to be honest. They seem to be going after the same target group of shoppers though when it comes to price point, but the styles are quite different. Ikea’s style is more modern and Scandinavian, while you will find more farmhouse and traditional furniture on Ashley’s.

How can I get Ashley Furniture cheaper?

You can sign up for their mailing list in which you would get a 10% discount coupon. You can also join its refer a friend program to get up to 15% off for both of you. Another way to save is to shop during the holidays such as the Memorial Day sale.

Ashley Furniture Online Reviews

There are lots of reviews that you can find online and I have randomly found some to share with you here. They are 100% unedited except for minor formating.

I think that reading this review plus what others say should give you a good idea if this is the place you want to get your furniture from.

Please take some time to read through them.

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to shop at my regular haunts.

December 11th 2021, 7:30 am
Super comfortable and the color is perfect! So far the quality is amazing! So excited to have all of family have a place to get cozy with us this holiday season
Andrea B.
Lehi, UT
146 reviews

October 10th 2021, 2:37 am
My favorite room in my house, New paint new living room set looks and feels so good!!! We just bought the 3 piece dual power reclining sectional from Ashley furniture and we’re so in love with it, it’s super comfy and there’s so many different ways to recline an relax, You can charge your phone anywhere u sit and best of all no dog hair sticks to it and it’s water repellent and the dual recliner is my most favorite part of this sectional, Also the coffee table and end tables our Ashley furniture as well!!!
Katlynd G.
Crawfordsvlle, IN

March 23rd 2022, 3:54 am
Ashley’s Furniture has a special place In my heart. The moment I found my bed set I knew I needed and wanted it. It is very well put together. It’s beautiful, rustic but modern look. I find myself often shopping here for my furniture.
Nedra M.
Derby, KS

March 12th 2022, 10:21 am
I have purchased most of my furniture from Ashley Furniture and if I ever have to buy more, I will probably go with them. The prices are good and they will match price. The furniture is modern and extremely comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs to purchase furniture quickly and you don’t have a ton of money to spend.
Annie W.
Lewiston, ID

October 3rd 2021, 12:07 am
Bought this sofa and in less than a year the fabric has ripped apart. Now it is fairly comfortable and love the color. Just was hoping to use it for many years and not have to replace so soon.
Emily B.

March 22nd 2021, 9:56 am
My bf bought me a couch! Well, for his place. His cat peed on his old sectional last year and he threw that section away. So he was left with about 80% of a couch, and I was left with 70% of a cushion and his feet in my lap. And then there was COVID-19, etc.

So after I hinted a few times over the past year, he decided to get one. He picked it out at Ashley and it is very comfortable. It is also a sectional, but not quite as big. Quality-wise, it is better. The cushions are more padded. I would like it if the couch back cushions were removable because there isn’t enough room for me to lie down next to him, but he’ll get used to using his side again soon enough.
Susana C.
Lawrenceville, GA

September 16th 2021, 7:55 pm
I love how Ashley’s Furniture has a variety of looks. My favorite style. My furniture is dark gray with brown pillow design. Very easy to clean if any accidents happen. I even got 2 tables and a nice centerpiece table in the same brand. I definitely recommend Ashley Furniture!
DelRio S.
Saint Louis, MO
Ashley Furniture uploaded by DelRio S.

February 18th 2021, 2:14 pm
I purchased an Ashley Eltmann Sectional in December and received it less than a week ago. I have nothing but good things to say about the 4 piece sofa except the color of the throw pillows included with the furnitire. The color of the pillows need to be changed to all slate the color of the sofa instead of them being a off white color on ome side and the other being the same as the couch. In my opinion, doing this will allow customers to envision more accent color options with this sofa. So far, I have no complaints! The style, fabric, and price I paid is very pleasing. I can see my family and I on #staycation a lot relaxing on our new #ashleyfurniture 4 piece sectional.
Lea Z.
Cedar Creek, TX
Ashley Furniture uploaded by Lea Z.

April 25th 2021, 3:28 am
Pretty good stuff, but it’s not ALL THAT. We purchased our bedroom from Ashley’s years ago. We have now had all of our furniture for 6 years and most of it is still in good shape. I recommend shopping here if y’all are on a budget and looking for nice pieces in your home.
Whitney L.
Horton, KS

January 29th 2021, 1:17 am
I bought a new couch from the Ashley Homestore in Topeka, KS. I normally buy Ashley furniture but through stores that sell their products. It was nice to be able to go in and see all what they had offered. Prices were affordable because of a sale they had going on, but pricey without any sale. I
The only thing we didn’t like was that we were told we were going to have to wait 3 to 4 months for our couch, because of Covid. Thankfully we got all of it in about a month. Will shop with them again.

Posted by Linda
on 4/30/22 at 8:14AM
Ashley’s return policy is unethical. I ordered 3 counter height bar stools for our new kitchen. The stools were delivered Friday 4/22. Since we were undergoing a kitchen renovation the boxes remained unopened in the garage. Yesterday when the island was installed, we realized that the chairs would be too large for the space. I texted Ashley to return the items but customer service was already closed. I called this morning and requested to return the stools and was told that since they were a home delivery they could not be returned after 72 hours. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE!!! Firstly I did not request home delivery, regular shipping would have been fine. Secondly what kind of return policy is 72 hours. I am extremely angry about this and will never recommend or shop at Ashley’s again. In fact, I will recommend that no one shops Ashley again. When speaking with the sales agent, I was never told about the return policy. If I was, I would never have ordered the chairs but rather I would have purchased them in the store. I will be contacting the BBB to file a formal complaint. This is just horrible!!!! Now I am stuck with $540 of useless chairs!

Posted by Devastated MOM
on 4/24/22 at 7:09PM
I’m very disappointed in my experience with Ashley furniture, I was on business trip in Roanoke VA.. and decided to look at furniture that I could purchase in my home state 4hrs away. Salesman promised me that the sale purchase amount he would sale me furniture was far cheaper than what I could purchase at my local Ashley. After going back home I found out, that not only could I get it for same price, but maybe even much cheaper, and not have to worry about the hassle of renting truck and driving 4hrs to pick up. I called salesperson/ manager back he said I cannot cancel or I would have to pay a $1000 restocking fee. But he lied to me and I’m not asking for my money back to purchase from a different store, I just rather purchase same product in my hometown Ashley to avoid paying to rent truck and drive 4hrs there and 4hrs back. He clearly Manipulated the situation in making me believe I could not receive this exact furniture in my home town for the “special price” he was selling it to me for. He lied to me , and I will never purchase from Ashley again.

Posted by Anonymous
on 3/25/22 at 2:41PM
Real sad refund policy. My son paid 1,300 for a recliner for his new home, also ordered a sectional couch. After delivery myself and his gf was there, the recliner was not needed because the couch was large
. Called immediately, was told that they would give back $1,000, but keep $300! This is within maybe 2 hours of delivery! Will never buy from them again!

Posted by DoNotBuyAshleys
on 2/7/22 at 11:14AM
Please check every word on the policy before you buy anything from here. We bought a bedroom furniture from ASHLEYS NASHUA NH from here and the stumps that support slats started slipping and made the mattress uneven. It took us a few months to figure out that its the bed issue and not the bad mattress.

A repair guy came over and told me that it will be fixed with replacement parts and its been 5 months since then, nothing has been fixed. When I called back they told me ITS POLICY TO REPORT DEFECTS in 3 days. Who would be able to figure out issue with bed in 3 days. The parts are still not shipped and every time I call they say that they have to talk to management. Horrible service, is there a way to file a lawsuit against them

Posted by Anonymous
on 1/18/22 at 7:19PM
Terrible customer service. I purchased more than 12,000 dollars worth of furniture. Was given a delivery date and confirmation. On the morning of the delivery I received a text confirming delivery. No one ever came. Called trying to find out what happened. Was told it was canceled by the delivery driver with no explanation. Mind you, it was an entire bedroom suite. So I got rid of my old set up to accommodate it. No one can explain why it wasn’t delivered. Got the run around from customer service. Was placed on hold so long I had time to drive back to the store. Where I received more run around. So, tonight I guess I’ll be sleeping on the floor. I will never deal with this establishment again.

Posted by Fraudulent Claims Victim of Vict
on 1/8/22 at 11:25AM
Fraudulent policies DO NOT SHOP. Was told and signed documents that purchase would have 0% financing only to learn less than week later that actually interest would be 29.99%.

Not what we signed up for and no return policy in place.

Posted by Another victim
on 1/5/22 at 10:47AM
How do we start a class action lawsuit against Ashley’s Furniture? Not only would I like to get my money back as well, but this company needs to be put in check so others don’t become innocent targets!

Posted by Lisa
on 12/18/21 at 4:21PM
Bought a sealy mattress with adjustable frame on dec 12th. Delivered on 16th, 88yr old disabled uncle did not like it at all. Slept on one night. Called Ashley for return, they said NO! WE DO NOT RETUN SEALY. Spoke with two salesman, manager would not get on the phone. All other beds are returnable. This is a $2745.05 loss for a eldery person. Nobody said no refunds. Filing elder financial abuse claim. NEVER EVER SHOP ASHLY!!!

Posted by Kelli
on 12/6/21 at 3:26PM
I purchased a bedroom set from Ashley home furniture. Within 2 days I canceled and was told I would receive my refund between 7-10 days. it’s been 6 weeks and they still won’t refund me. They never delivered the furniture

Posted by Kj
on 11/30/21 at 2:26PM
After reading all these reviews and my nephew telling me they won’t help him about exchanging his couch that he had 1 week. Ill NEVER GO TO THAT STORE

Posted by Cee
on 10/25/21 at 2:15PM
I wish I read comments here before purchasing. I can’t get hold of anyone to get my refund. Each time I call i am being told the order was not canceled. I am very disappointed.

Posted by AF Advocacy Group
on 10/13/21 at 9:36AM
There is free help to take on Ashley Furniture HomeStores. This group will help you get your refund. No restocking or cancellation fees.

They do it everyday, no charge or fees, ever. He was a customer who fought the fight and won, then he fought Ashley to help his group members and other groups he helps.

He tells you as it is! What you’re facing and if your resolution request is easy or challenging. Follow his guidance and keep him updated and you’ll be surprised. He will let you know what issues you may be facing down the road too.

This group is helping consumers. Are you being strung along. Lie to, delivery broken furniture, for B-Goods and it starts to break down within 2 years or less. This Advocacy Group is getting results, This Advocacy Group has help over 2700 consumers take on AF and win, in 3 Countries.

Facebook Group: Ashley Furniture Complaints/Issues Advocacy and Resources. Not sure the Link will work:

Posted by Anonymous
on 10/12/21 at 10:27AM
Horrible Company, never get call backs, rip-off, wish I had read reviews before my $3000 purchase. 7 day return policy, ridiculous!!!!!

Posted by Noneya
on 9/22/21 at 1:22PM
I bought a bed from them 9 months ago and it broke and they will not refund my money or replace my bed. I’ve only slept in the bed because I have been diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer since I’ve had it. I have been going to treatment everyday.I can’t afford another bed treatment means more to me right now than anything
Thanks Ashley furniture you know how to take advantage of people.

Posted by Anonymous
on 9/14/21 at 10:16AM
Will never step foot in Ashley’s again

Posted by Teddy 2
on 9/10/21 at 3:47PM
Ashley Furniture needs another law suit!! They are scammers, I bought over 7k worth of furniture ( which I have not received) we were going to pay cash then decided to use there interest free promotion. They took my cash and also opened up two accounts ( we don’t have furniture) they lied said it was in stock them said just sold last one said would be 2 1/2 weeks then called and said would be another week still no furniture.. promised military discount and guarantee 30 day price match they did not honor went to store manager rude said he would not honor. Or give us our cash back?? Sent email to corporate, talk to finance all said would receive call back nothing.. left messages they are Scammers Buyers Be where!!!

Posted by Dmm
on 8/29/21 at 11:32AM
I bought my Ashley sofa sleeper, loveseat, and complete bedroom set from a local furniture store… and well…I have been waiting since April for my bedroom furniture. I got the bedframe. That’s all. They keep pushing the date back. 5 months later and $1,100.00 paid upfront and no bedrm furniture. The couch I’ve had for 4 weeks and it still emits a chemical odor that makes me sick with sneezing, headache, difficulty breathing. Do yourself a FAVOR and DO NOT purchase Ashley furniture. I wish I hadn’t.

Posted by Twin
on 8/13/21 at 8:18AM
Horrible customer service. The manager was even more rude and disrespectful. I also have been waiting on a refund this is the 10th day. I have yet to receive or hear ANYTHING I will NEVER refer anyone or shop here again this use to be one of my favorite furniture stores. Naperville HomeStore I am over disappointed!

Posted by Rosa
on 8/9/21 at 11:47AM
I should know better……We bought a couch recliner at Ashley furniture in Concord. Low quality stuff and awful consumer service.
Recliner stop working after a month of gentle usage ( we work all day and the only time we have to watch some tv Is a at night)
We have been on endless phone calls trying to get parts, technician and so.
Is been 6 moths and this couch still broken.
The costumer service representative was nothing but arrogant and unwilling to make this right.
We don’t want this defective couch but we are stuck on their 72 hr return policy.
Crappy furniture. Crappy costumer service.
Never again.
We Extremely regret this purchase.

Posted by Waiting for my money
on 7/27/21 at 11:51AM
I ordered loveseat and couch. I called two weeks later, when they said it would be ready to pick up. They pushed the date a week, so I waited another week. This went on for a couple more weeks, I got fed up with it and cancelled the order. Now I’m waiting 4-6 weeks for my money. It takes longer to get your money back than it does to get the furniture. Oh I also went to a local furniture store that had the exact set, and brought it back the same day. It’s better to buy from a company that has furniture in stock.

Posted by Anat
on 4/5/21 at 4:15PM
I purchased l shape sofa three months ago
The sofa looks very bad after only 3 months the cushion. Are all flat. Should I get a credit to buy something also ? Would you pick it up ?

Posted by Annoyed
on 3/12/21 at 7:30AM
I ordered a dining set from Ashley Furniture back in Dec2020. The order was delivered Feb 20, 2021. Once it was put together, we saw it was damaged, not to mention it didn’t fit the space. I called to return it. Apparently, buying an item in store means it CANNOT be returned. Of course that was not mentioned to us when we purchased it. They are willing to assess the damage and replace it, but I don’t want the table. I am willing to pay a restocking fee, but I am being told even that it not an option. Who designs a table that doesn’t allow for the chairs to be pushed all the way in!?! I am ready to go hang out in their showroom and let everyone who is purchasing an item know that they better be ABSOLUTELY sure they want it, because they are stuck with it! In this day and age it is unfathomable that you can buy something and not return or exchange it. Not to mention, that you are uniformed of this when purchasing the product. Unbelievable….never again.

Posted by do not buy from them!
on 2/3/21 at 3:47PM

We purchased a sectional couch and after it arrived and was delivered and set up inside our home, we discovered it was too large. We called the store back and they charged us a return/restocking fee which we paid in addition to purchasing new furniture. When the delivery people came to pick up the couch, they said that ashley won’t take it back because of a minor scratch in the upholstery on the bottom corner of the back of the chaise. They charged us for the delivery fee for the couch which wasn’t received and the new furniture which we didn’t receive. We called customer service and dealt with the rudest manager (Ashley) and we were just appalled. We will not be doing any business with Ashley in the future.

Posted by bdon02
on 1/22/21 at 4:19PM
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! There is so much detail to my experience, I’m not even going to type it all. Suffice to say, I purchased a sectional in August and as of today, I have not received my furniture! It’s been sitting in the warehouse for over a month waiting on a Dallas route to fill up since the store I purchased from misled me on the mile radius I was in for their delivery area! I have opened cases and no one returns my calls or emails! Customer service hold times are over an hour typically!! I’m told they are the only people that can handle my issue. I find it hard to believe a company gets away with doing business this way! NEVER AGAIN will I buy from her and I will let anyone know that asks, do not buy from this company!

Posted by overit
on 1/7/21 at 3:47PM
I bought a recliner and sofa from Ashley Furniture. I found that the recliner was not up to what it says it was, so I called to see if I could buy the loveseat and return the recliner. Because I didn’t call within the 72 hours and because I bought it online I am stuck with a piece of furniture I can’t use. I didn’t want my money back I wanted to switch it with another piece of furniture. The person I talked to was yelling at me and said she was the boss and there was no other person above her to talk to. I am in healthcare and I was working. The furniture was delivered on a Sun and I called on Thurs. She was awful and should be fired for yelling at a customer. Ashley Furniture this is not a good way to do business, I spen a lot on those 2 pieces and I went online because of the pandemic and I didn’t want to expose my family to any virus. I really wish there was something that could be done. In todays time no one should be treated with disrespect as this person was to me.

Posted by Jen
on 12/29/20 at 7:13PM
My daughter got her first apartment she bought floor model couches they don’t fit through her first door is there anything I can do I put it on my Ashley credit cards I’m now out 800 dollars if Ashley furniture can’t refund me.

Posted by Susan
on 12/25/20 at 5:00AM
We had a entire living room set ordered. Waited four months, and finally the furniture came in, all but the recliner. So we cancelled the recliner and asked for a refund. Recliner was ,$600.00 plus 36.00 tax. The refund we got was $153.96. Are you kidding me? Ashley will be getting a phone call from me on Monday, and they will be giving me my full refund !

Posted by Not a Happy Customer
on 12/13/20 at 6:37PM
I am shocked people are getting their refunds. I had to complain to the BBB to get a refund after canceling the order prior to it even being shipped. In fact I had to cancel the order a total of 9 times because they kept calling to deliver items that I found out would not fit into the home. They could not figure out the Financing so I had paid for it on my AMEX. When they delivered some of the items that I had not canceled, they also attempted to deliver the items I HAD canceled. 3 months later they had yet to take those items off the charge so I had to report them to the BBB. I was still charged a restock fee for items I repeatedly told the to CANCEL prior to them scheduling a delivery date and have some items that are STILL on my AMEX. Now they won’t honor the 90-Day Sleep Guarantee policy so I am stuck with a $5K TempurPedic Mattress that I have yet to wake up without pain after a night’s sleep. I am sleeping on my couch now and seeing a pain management doctor for the neck and should issues. I was told the Tempurpedic was great for side sleepers – not in this case and I appear to be SOL. Will never do business with this company again.

Posted by Paul Peezy
on 11/17/20 at 8:27AM
I canceled a large furniture order, which I had no problem doing. The website says refunds show up 7-10 business days later; however, it’s more like 12-13 business. So if you have seen your refund in 10 days, wait the following week it will show up! Took 3 weeks counting weekends to get the money back!

Posted by Anonymous
on 11/16/20 at 9:28AM
Purchased a sectional on 9/16/2020 put down $2400 cash. Canceled my order 10/8 didn’t receive a phone call until 10/19 to confirm information to send out check, that was a Monday, said my check would be out in The mail by that Wednesday and to keep an eye out for it and that it would take 7-10 business days. Never received so called on 11/5 and reopened case for someone to give me a status on my check. No one has called, it is now 11/16 and still no check. Will be looking to take legal action soon if this doesn’t get resolved.

Posted by Heidi Diego
on 11/11/20 at 10:56PM
Just yesterday November 10 th 2020 i went to Ashley’s in Bakersfield, Ca. The worst customer service ever . I bought a whole bedroom set the total came out to $5,230 thats incredible, they gave me a supposedly loan which today a realized thats to much expensive abd they asked for an $800 deposit. I’m going tomorrow let’s see what the hell they say most likely they’ll try to convince me to get it. Just the stupid mattress was $2,900 piece of crap..I’m so passed at my self why did I let them convince me

Posted by Where is my money
on 11/6/20 at 5:53PM
My husband and I place an order on October 18th 2020 we put a $1,900 deposit down on a large order due to circumstances out of our control we had to cancel the order on October 25th we did this in the store just as we had ordered the furniture in the store just as we had given them our deposit in the store the store is in Lathrop California we were told they canceled the order and that we would receive a phone call in a few days as to how we would receive our money we felt that that was completely ridiculous since we gave them cash money but we went on our way not to cause any problems it’s now November 6th we’ve received no phone call from them or their corporate office I have called several times each time to be told a different story now I have what they call a case number which I don’t understand why I would need a case number to get my own money back so I went back to the store again today and was told that they did cancel the order properly so I told them well your corporate says you didn’t cancel the order she insisted they did and she said that she’s doing everything she can to get me my refund back I am shocked as to what I have to go through to get my own money back we’re talking one week’s time from a order to a cancellation and now like I said from October 25th to now the end of the day on November 6th I still have no money back and I’m told hopefully I’ll receive a phone call by the end of next week in regards to what they plan to do I am thoroughly shocked please do not purchase anything through Ashley furniture they are crooks

Posted by Yessenia Garcia
on 10/23/20 at 1:08AM
Today I went to Ashley’s Furniture Store in Los Angeles California. I went to buy a mattress that was on a deal for $235 . I asked and kept insisting that I wanted the free delivery . They charged me still after repeating myself the $59.99. A charge to set it up and delivery . I don’t need the set up . Delivery is free when the carrier is FedEx or UPS. Then they lied when I told them they made the charge & said those were taxes. So supposedly they gave me a paper that said nothing about a refund or money back. And still insisted they made no mistake. The guy said now you have get a free $49.99 free throw. FIRST OF ALL I didn’t want to purchase the throw but the salesman kept saying that the order had to be $300+ to qualify? WEIRD. I had my toddler with me and he kept crying so I was like okay. I better not be charged for it. Then after we were done. They giggled. (The salesman and the guy doing the paperwork) about how the WARRANTY is a SCAM because they will still exchange your items and send you a new one. Making me feel terrible because I paid $49.99 in a 5 yr warranty.

Posted by Anonymous
on 10/19/20 at 7:09PM
Bought dining set from Ashley Furniture, after so many bad deliveries we the help of manager agreed to get money back and returned all furniture. Over the phone manager said return is been done. It’s been more than two weeks still see no refunds on card? No one knows the answer. Please help, worst worst experience!

Posted by Rami
on 10/18/20 at 6:38AM
Ashley Furniture is truly a chaotic shop and as a customer based on our experience we are never stepping foot in any of their stores. Broken promises and lack of customer service is very common. Bad deliveries and then no one to help to fix that is even more common. We have lost so much time and money dealing with these people. Finally were able to cancel our entire order and get over this nightmare.

Posted by John
on 10/12/20 at 11:08AM
My first name is Alan John
I Purchased the furniture from your Woodbridge Virginia store yesterday I was not sure about the measurements and inquired about the refund policy when I was told that the return policy is within 24 hours as long as I returned the furniture within 24 hours I would get all the refund 100 % today I went to return the furniture and I was told they have no return policy and instead of giving me my money back they gave me a store credit which I’m not even sure that I have it because I wasn’t giving any paper for it they said just tell your name on the counter when you purchase the furniture and they would have the credit for you.
My problem is that I need my refund back exactly the way that I was told that I would do the 24 hours so if this is not the correct department please get me in touch with the correct department who takes complaints at the corporate office

Posted by Anonymous
on 10/3/20 at 8:32AM
Absolute worst furniture company ever. The amount of backorder time we have got on a couch and sleeper sofa is ridiculous. I will never buy from this company again and will convey the message to others not to purchase furniture from this store. Customer service is horrible and rude. This furniture store is a joke.

Posted by Anonymous
on 9/29/20 at 4:50PM
this is the worst company i will never do business with them again I am a first time buyer and my couch is defective i have been trying for 3 months to get a hold of someone so i can either get it replaced or fixed. they never call you back and when you chat with them on line they send you to another site where they want to charge you to get your question answered BAD COMPANY don’t buy from them

Posted by Wade Carlson 9
on 9/7/20 at 11:28AM
My stepfather 1980s co-sign for a Ashley HomeStore credit card account so I can get new beds for my children and Furniture which we desperately needed you guys are safely sent the cards to my stepdad the cosigner not the one who was requesting the account that needed the co-signers myself and he lied said he never received the cards when he did and went ahead and decided to change his mind and close out the account and have the account closed can he legally do that can You Guys Legally close the account without even speaking to me now my kids have no beds in our sleeping on couches I don’t save that was right at all now my credit score has dropped significantly and I have a closed account on there that I never asked for never even had a chance to even make my payments on time which I always have never been late on any of my credit card accounts I think for this easy fix and I should be able to get the credit cards sent to where they should have been sent to begin with my house and I should have been able to use them he was the co-signing I was at the bar I was the one that was going to be making the payments now I don’t even have a chance to do that because he decided he didn’t want to be a cosigner after already co-signing no you’re so signing and you go ahead and close the account for him after it’ll Indiana open very few weeks

Posted by Single mom
on 8/25/20 at 7:06AM
Please, Please, please don’t buy at Ashley’s Home Furnishings! I bought a living room set in early July and paid cash. First I was told I would receive my furniture on August 6th. When the delivery didn’t arrive , then they said delivery would be in November. I don’t have furniture so I asked for my money back. One month later I received my money minus a stocking fee of 150.00$! They are very untrustworthy!!!

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