Andover Mills Furniture: Why it should be on your radar

Andover Mills furniture offers a unique blend of contemporary and traditional style, with an emphasis on quality and value.

You will find a wide range of furniture pieces to suit any room in your home, from sofas and loveseats to accent chairs and coffee tables.

All Andover Mills furniture is made from high-quality materials, with attention to detail and craftsmanship that is second to none.

I personally find their furniture to be very charming and is great for creating a warm and cozy environment for any home.

In this Andover Mills furniture review, I will go over some of the most commonly asked questions about the brand. You will also find some of my hand-picked items from their collection down below. Hopefully, you will have a clearer picture of what you will be buying!

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Is Andover Mills furniture made in the USA? Is Andover Mills an American company?

You might be curious to know. where is Andover Mills furniture manufactured? The company is an exclusive brand by Wayfair, which is an American online retailer of home furnishings and decor.

Their products are made in the United States, which allows consumers like us to enjoy much faster and more reliable shipping and delivery.

That said, they do have a few products that are manufactured outside of the United States, such as some of the area rugs which are made in Egypt.

Some people get this mixed up, but Andover Mills is not a Canadian company!

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Who owns Andover Mills? Is Andover Mills a Wayfair brand?

Andover Mills furniture is a brand that is owned exclusively by Wayfair, among several others such as Gracie Oaks, Mercury Row, Kelly Clarkson, Three Posts, and many more.

Each of these brands was created so that the company can meet the requirements of different shoppers. For example, you will find rustic style furniture from Gracie Oaks, while Kelly Clarkson specializes in French Country style.

Andover Mills focuses on timeless traditional style home decor, and they have a section for kids too, known as Andover Baby and Kids.

Is Andover Mills good quality furniture? Is Andover Mills a good brand?

The quality of the furniture from Andover Mills is certainly worth the price.

All of their furniture is made from high-quality materials, and it is very well-crafted.

I have owned several pieces of furniture from Andover Mills, and I have been very pleased with them.

The furniture is stylish and functional, its construction is solid, and the materials are high quality.

This ensures that the furniture you purchase will last for years. and hold up well over time.

Glancing through reviews of the products listed on Wayfair, you will notice that there are lots of high ratings and positive comments that relate to their superb comfort and durability. I think these are the greatest testaments the brand can receive!

If you are looking for thoughtfully made furniture that will last for a long time, I would recommend investing in the collections from Andover Mills. The furniture is definitely worth the price.

Design of Andover Mills furniture

The design of Andover Mills furniture is modern with a touch of traditional charm.

Most of them follow the principle of being simple and understated, yet stylish and sophisticated.

The furniture is well-crafted and seems like it would be expensive, but the price is surprisingly affordable.

The quality of the materials used is excellent and the construction is solid.

They would definitely be worth the price even if it were more expensive, but the fact that it is so affordable makes them an even better purchase.

Overall, Andover Mills furniture is a great value for the price.

Where to buy Andover Mills furniture?

Since Andover Mills is an exclusive brand of Wayfair, that’s where you will find them. You might notice them on a few other platforms too, such as AllModern, BirchLane, and Joss&Main, but that is not surprising at all as these are sister brands with Wayfair.

Wayfair does put some of its products on sister websites to cater to those particular niches.

Besides the above, you might see Andover Mills furniture on a few other sites such as Warehouse Direct Furniture (highly NOT recommended, looks very dodgy), BHG, and ShopStyle, but you will see that the links will redirect you to Wayfair.

In the sections down below, I have curated a small gallery of my favorite Andover Mills products. You can click through to view full details on Wayfair.

So if you are searching for Andover Mills products for your home, be sure to only buy from Wayfair. Not only will you find the full collection, but the service they provide is excellent too. Having shopped there for many years, I have not been disappointed once!

How to contact Andover Mills?

As a brand managed by Wayfair, they do not have direct contact with consumers. Instead, you can direct your questions to Wayfair where a knowledgeable representative will be able to assist you.

My Favorite Andover Mills Furniture and Home Decor

Andover Mills Sofas

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Andover Mills Console Tables

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Andover Mills Bedroom Furniture

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Andover Mills Outdoor Furniture

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Andover Mills Kitchen And Dining Furniture

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Andover Mills Office Furniture

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Andover Mills Seasonal Decor

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In conclusion: Andover Mills Furniture, are they good?

In my opinion, Andover Mills and the exclusive brands under Wayfair are offering excellent value for money.

Many of its products are so well priced that I’m sure some people would even be willing to pay up to double for the same thing.

Combined with the smooth purchase process that Wayfair offers plus its superior customer service, I think this is a real winner.

Not only that, but Wayfair also offers a 30 day return and refund if you are unhappy with your purchase, making this pretty much a risk free experience. Check out Andover Mills furniture here! 

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